Laws and Policies on Technology

Laws and policies on technology have pondered me for quite some time now simply because of how archaic they are. The law simply cannot keep up with the advances of technology in this day and age. There are simply too many laws that don’t account for technological advances, such as online gambling, or most things that have to do with the internet in general that now directly are influenced with it. Another big new tech are drones and keeping people with them to respect others’ privacy. Lawmakers have to scramble once they get released to try and make proper laws yet even when they’re made (the laws) they may not be 100% proof thus leaving loopholes or leave things for interpretation. There should be some waiting period before these types of technologies are released to the public thus to make them safe for the public. Another example of new technology i was thinking about that I couldn’t find laws or policies on at the time was bitcoin, the online currency and there was lots of talk of that possibly redefining the global financial system. Another new technological advancement includes many innovative apps such as Uber, which essentially replaces most taxi services across the country simply because it is cheaper and faster for most people. Yet the drivers do not need licenses nor need to train unlike taxi drivers that require a couple thousand to get started from what I can remember from a certain article. There were even protests by taxi employees trying to get rid of Uber drivers because it wasn’t fair to them because they worked hard to become taxi drivers but only took a few days for someone to become an Uber driver. Another big technological advancement that came in the past decade is Social Media, I don’t even recall ever discussing or researching the practical implications of them morally, ethically, or socially period. Though I feel like in this class we will further this topic in more detail and probably across a wider spectrum. However, the government must get on top of these new technologies that are seemingly sprouting across the country without regulation of laws/policies that help protect the people. I presume we will most likely discuss what I have brought up in this blog, but it is important in my opinion to bring up how the law, which is like codified ethics (according to Gandhi), must keep up to pace with technology if we are to live in a civilized country, let alone world.


One thought on “Laws and Policies on Technology

  1. I have to agree, it is really hard for law makers to make suitable laws to prevent from software or products to get out of hand. Technology moves fast and unfortunately, laws do not.

    You mentioned there should be a waiting period when adjusting laws to tech, but I don’t think that will work as most technology after some time is improved, redefined, and usually never completed. I think a better way to solve this problem is to create a software to make laws easier to make and redefine so that it is able to keep up with the current and future fast moving technology.

    Hmm, Uber drivers are actually required to have a valid U.S license, a minimum of 3 years experience in driving, a valid registration of the vehicle that they will be driving, and more. In fact, the taxi drivers are able to become Uber drivers if they have the following requirements, with a better pay.

    I’m sure all these topics that you have brought up in your blog will also be brought up in class. It would be great if you could explain more about how you feel or your thoughts in a specific topic.


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