Post 1.0

When I read the first half of the article, The Code I’m Still Ashamed Of by Bill Sourour, my first thoughts pertained to this man’s gateway into programming. I found it funny how he didn’t describe himself as a gifted child, but was someone that was learning.  As years passed, putting effort to when working in his father’s consulting firm and going off on doing his own things. Stopping half-ways through the article, thinking about what he stated in his grim introduction to his programming experience. I would have to say that I came into this article with a fixed mind set of, what the title meant. As a student, I struggle with creating optimal code that is expected of me. So, reading something like, “the code I’m still ashamed of”, makes me think about the code that I am writing and that I should be writing at a different level. As I continued to read, I’ve notice what Sourour meant when titling this article, The Code I’m Still Ashamed Of.

My first thoughts when it comes to pharmaceutical company, is that their only there for the money. Quoting Bernadette Rostenkowski form The Big Bang Theory, “Mo deceases, Mo money “. I’m not really surprised that they are trying to make the efforts of getting around marketing regulations by using technology. When reading, “So what rules determined what treatment the quiz would recommend?”, I couldn’t help to think that, even though it’s not direct marketing, the company still wanted to push their product directly to the patient. Further down the article, my suspicion was confirmed, when Sourour implemented the changes. Only for the manager to complain that it’s broken, when it really isn’t. Because it led to the same drug, it seems broken, but that is what the company originally intended it be. For the most part, as a developer, I see how troubling it could be when creating certain project. Noticing the effects, it has on people, only after it’s been created. I’ve come across with the idea that if it’s not you, then it would be someone else. Meaning that it would have been done either way and the result would have stayed the same. People tend to ask the question, what would you have done in that situation? Any answer that they would have given is just an if off what could have happened. Holding no weight in the reality that did happened. Unless Marty and Doc say otherwise.

“As developers, we are often one of the last lines of defense against potentially dangerous and unethical practices”, Sourour says. Nothing better defines this line, the story of The Star Wars: Rogue One. In the creation of the Death Star, the man that oversaw creating such weapon, didn’t wanted it to exist. It was him whom created it, leaving a point of weakness, in which Spock fire and destroyed the weapon of mass destruction.  Although I speak of this in a light tone, creating such project could have major reproductions to millions of individuals. Understanding that sometimes, developers might not have a choice when creating such projects. Because they have a family to feed and other responsibilities. But the weight of it should not fall on the developer, but the people and the way that they interpret the information.

“What is dead, may never die” – Ghost




2 thoughts on “Post 1.0

  1. Hello Mr. Garcia,

    I actually wrote about the same article and explained my perspective. I find it intriguing how this article gave you some insecurities about your coding skills. Don’t be ashamed of your skills, you are still a student willing to learn; you will get better. And I don’t intent to criticize your writing, I think your interpretation was very interesting, but I don’t fully comprehend what you meant by “I came into this article with a fixed mind set.” I understand that this lead to your revelation of nothing feeling that your coding skills were sufficient in a working environment, but did you mean you felt that feeling ashamed of code only meant being ashamed of poorly constructed code? Other than that, I agree with most of the things you explained.


  2. Hello, I read your post and found it amusing on all the similes you used from pop culture. I agree with you that he was gifted although he never say himself in such matter. If he was not gifted he probably won’t have notice what the code was doing. I also though of how making something with a fatal flaw should of been caught by someone and new plans should of been taken place.


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