Ethics: Meta, Normative, and Applied

            I found this week’s lecture to be really interesting and informative on topics of ethics that I did not realize existed. The question of how do we know what is inherently wrong and right was presented in class. It made me think of ways to answer this question and it also introduced me to the topic of Meta ethics. An oversimplified definition is Ethics of Ethics and I found this easy to remember and really insightful on the true nature of Meta ethics. We then touched on another branch of ethics by seeing a video that did a slimily on consent with preparing and drinking tea. I enjoyed viewing the video because, it covered a really serious topic and presented it in a light-hearted way. The video set up the topic of Normative ethics and how it’s the study of what is normal in today’s society by taking a look at social behavior. The last topic that we covered was Applied Ethics and it definition was really straight forward. The search for the wrong and right through examination of real life situations and scenarios. The example really made me think of how precious life is and how being asked to choose between 2 impossibly hard decisions is a great way to examine the ethics of the situations.

                The topic or Meta Ethics is really interesting due to the natural instinct to question everything and questioning why we believe something is wrong and right is an inevitable destination. Ethics is such an important topic and questioning why things are good and bad is great for understanding human nature. In class we used the example of murder being inherently bad and presenting the question of why seems like an easy answer although in reality its more complicated that it appears. In most holly books murder is considered a mortal sin and people have adopted this believe in their everyday life. The fact that people will most definably live longer life’s without being involved in murder is something that appeals to every human being. Someone’s life can be cut short by them committing murder, either by the victim or by the community that fear the same fate.

                My reasoning on what is ethically right and wrong have always been to check what is normal behavior and act accordingly. It turns out that Normative Ethics is just that, the right and wrong are in the individual’s actions. To continue the example of murder, it would be considered ethically wrong to commit murder. Soldiers come back from the battlefield and are regarded has heroes even though they have taken life’s in times of war. This is a great example of Normative ethics, its normal for a solder to commit a mortal sin in times of war and it’s not normal for a civilian to commit murder during the times of peace.

                The final topic we discussed in class was Applied Ethics, and it was the subject that had more real life controversial scenarios and really makes you wonder what is ethically right and wrong. The scenario that was presented in class was interesting due to its controversial nature. Every time I would lock in on my ethical standing, the circumstances would further complicate my views and look on the ethical standing of the matter in hand.

                In conclusion, I have learned a lot in just the first week of class and hope to get a firm understanding of the ethical ramifications that society has on my everyday life. Just by analyzing the tree topics mentioned in class I feel like I have possessed tools to build a more ethically sound way of life. By possessing these new outlooks on my everyday life hopefully I will be able to apply it to my career in the computer science field and inspire some ethical practices among my peers.


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