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Helping women in technology – Jennifer Manry, Mike Wisler

The first thing that comes to mind when reading this article, is reading between the lines. There were so many things that were crossing my mind when this article was stating to help women in technology.  One of them was, opinion that do woman really help from men to excel in their field. To the extent that having the company rallying behind the idea that women should have the same pay as man. That that is fine. But having to “help” the other gender out, sound a little out of place to me. At least what I am currently thinking, unless influenced otherwise, is that people in technology would only progress because of the effort they put into their work. I see it in my classes. Having a great idea, or the best implementation of an algorithm, doesn’t no have a gender to refer to.

I’m not negating that different people in the working in technology, bring different backgrounds that enable greater ideas, to a wider audience. But the way that the article is the describing the situation, are the benefits that a certain gender is bringing to the table. Like I’ve stated before, different people bring different things to the table. Although the information that Manry and Wisler state was technically not out of place, its bit of information that doesn’t really support the main idea that women          can be support by men in the field. Which brings me to the biggest issue that threw me off guard, was “And really, you’re not a male ally until women in tech identify you as one.” What if at some moment, people (male) don’t want to fully commit to the woman’s position.

Something that threw me off about this article, is the title. I was nit-picking the information that I felt that weren’t necessary to support the idea of men helping women. When they have stated “male allies”, shift the whole argument to their favor. Removing the allies part, shift the whole story around. But then again, how would they be an ally, if they aren’t helping already.

Leading toward the end of this article, it comments about how a certain company has already try to implement an allied program. Somethings that I am having trouble with, is how do women feel about this. In a politicly correct world, it would seem very discouraging at first when helping women in the field of technology. From experience, I have been several groups that had women as minority and each group is very different. Some groups may accept your generosity and pave forward. While in other instances, they could be very cold and cruel. When this happened, it might not be what they have originally attended to happen, when it’s a group that is driven for and by the specific gender, it may lean towards too.

In the field of technology, the gap in gender tends to be huge. But with recent initiative from different parties like Grace Hopper, help narrow this gap. Hopefully, in the following years, women will join the field of tech and change the way women are treated.


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  1. Hey, I just read your blog post and made me think of this issue in a slightly different way. I also believe that people will accomplish there goals if they work hard for it and its not going to be easy although it will be worth the struggle. There has been this movement to get women in the computer science and I believe these programs are great and worth there funding.


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