Dirty Words

Jeez, I think the last time I cussed was 30 minutes ago, well actually an hour ago. I was doing some squats and I just had one more to go, weak and fu**ing tired I decided I would end strong. UHMMM, let’s just say I almost did not get back up.

Anyway, I do cuss at different emotions throughout my life, but I don’t think I have ever posted any profanity in any of my social websites, at least none that I remember. I mean I could if I wanted to. I guess, till now, I never really needed to. I absolutely DO NOT go online and write hate speeches and put others down, or go on my personal websites and use racial slurs or any type offensive language. But that is just me.

I am me, you are you, and that oblivious person is (s)he. I do not control your actions just like you do not control mine and unfortunately that bad mouthed oblivious person has all the control over their social media and can write and use profanity in any way they like.

Or can they?

According to “The Case of Banning Offensive Words“, Instagram has a new feature to help with profanity problems. The feature is able to let a person block any comments or writing that contains offensive words of their choosing.

Wow, life seems like it getting better ain’t it?

Probably not. It’s great that you get to be the one who decides if you want to be able to see a specific word, but does it really make it better? People forget that as humans we are crafty, deceitful, and self aggrandizing. Sound familiar? Sisyphus. Even when you think something has been created to avoid something, someone will always find a way around it. If you don’t believe me take a look at, “Internet Trolls Replace Racist Slurs with . . .“.

In fact, in my opinion, all this new feature does is help people create new words that will replace the bad “four-letter words”.  Also, it makes the four-letter words stronger than they really are. If a word has been used constantly they lose their power and become a norm, but if they are hidden in plain sight then hearing it out of a persons mouth might bring death to your ears and your self-esteem.

I don’t think cussing, profanity, or bad words are BAD, they are just bad when you do not know who you audience is. While, “shit” might not offend you, it might offend your neighbor who happens to be a priest or your friends neighbor who just happens to be a nice guy with etiquette manners. So, next time you want to cuss you should think twice about who you are surrounded with. NO I’M KIDDING, that is absolute stupidity. We can’t go around asking people, “hey do you mind sharing a list of words that offend you so I don’t go around saying them in front of you”. You would never finish and probably never speak again.

People need to be able to express themselves, that is the only way we will know what type of person they are or how they carry themselves. It might be ethically wrong to use profanity, but people will still do it. They might cause harm to a person verbally, but the worst that can happen is that the person is no longer in your inner circle and keeps their distance away from you and your bad mouth.



3 thoughts on “Dirty Words

  1. Hey Karina,

    I enjoyed reading your blog post and how you just talk about the truth in an everyday perspective. Of course, there are situations in which you cuss and it is okay because not everyone is perfect and people just tend to cuss. It is an everyday kind of thing, and even though we should be careful when around certain people, like kids, for the most part it is not entirely avoidable.

    When it comes to cussing online, that is a different thing because I remember there saying that “Careful what you post online because it stays there forever.” This is important rule to keep in mind because everything people post online will stay there, no matter whether you deleted it or not.

    Even though we shouldn’t cuss online, it is a good thing that social media companies are making sure to take an extra step to make sure that there is little profanity on their page as possible. So by Instagram implementing that new feature is a great feature to have. Now we just have to wait and see what happens next.


  2. Words are only as bad as the meaning we give to them. I think you are right about profanity not stopping people from getting their point across. In fact restriction only makes the writer more creative, nonetheless they will get their point across. When I think about cursing and how it fits into society I like to think about south park on how they used curse words so much that the profane words actually lost their edge. By using them so much they were able to remove the stigma and how profane that word is.


  3. Hello, I just read your blog post and found it to be a great read. It made me think of a movie I saw were if you spoke certain words to someone you can trigger a strong emotional reaction and it was amazing. The movie started out to be pure fantasy and has it progressed it made strong colorations to current events like hate speech and cursing. I like your point of view in the subject and liked how you integrated extremes and some comic relief.


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