Censored words .2

Some people may say they refuse to cuss because they know it’s bad for them.  Everyone has had to say atleast one bad word in their life.  There are many reason why humans cuss.  The most common ways we cuss is either when we are mad or releasing stress.  It’s not a bad thing that we humans cuss, but once it becomes a habit, then it starts to look bad.  For me, I know cussing is bad but I still do it.  Why?  Because one it helps calm me down when I’m mad.  Instead of letting my physical side get me, I let it out verbally.  The most common cuss words are f**k, son of a b***h, sh*t, and d**n.  These are just the basic words that are said everyday by me and you.  But then there are the bit more extreme words.  Words that may be offensive when used in a wrong way towards others.  Words like using God’s name in vain, or saying n****r can really offend people and potentially start a fight.  It’s true, words are powerful.  It is also more powerful when we use it in the wrong way.

One way we say these words is face to face, but there is another way of doing it and it’s through the internet.  The internet is another way we can communicate.  So far I have not went online to write a hate speech.  Nor do I plan to.  The question that a lot of people want to know is”Is there a way to prevent hate words online?”  Well the answer is yes and no.  Not every site has this, but some of the most popular communication website have implemented this type of technology where it can search for certain hate words and prevent them from showing up online.

The government cannot ban or say these hateful words are illegal because they are words.  We have a freedom of speech, but it doesn’t mean we can go out and say f**k this and f**k that.  It just means we can say what we want but with caution.  I cannot control what someone else says, I can only control what I say.  Our voice is a powerful tool and so is the internet.  For me, I am not a big fan of hate words but sometimes it slips out here and there because of my emotions.  Am I proud that I cuss to let my emotions out; no but it helps a bit.


One thought on “Censored words .2

  1. Hey, great blog post and you brought up a great point of how we have lots of ways to communicate with people and the government just cant police all of them. In the old days the only media was radio and newspapers so the FCC was established to police them and keep them from cursing and spreading hate speech. Know the internet based media doesn’t apply to the old rules of radio and newspaper so its hard to stop.


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