Electric Vehicles

In this day and age technology moves fast. Everything gets updated on a daily basis, and there’s always something new and useful that can be used across the globe. A very important and well discussed technology is EV, or electric vehicles. The use of them are highly beneficial for many reasons largely in part to a reduction in vehicle carbon emissions. The thing is, I really hope EV catches on real fast, to knock off oil companies from being dependents for power across the world simply because they’re just ‘too big fail’.

According to cleantechnica, “medium and heavy trucks account for only 4% of America’s +250 million vehicles, they represent 26% of American fuel use and 29% of vehicle CO2 emissions.” Now this alone should seem alarming and a great  solution to drastically reduce carbon emissions would be to replace all gas powered trucks with EV trucks in which would be beneficial to all aspects of the problem. Not only would it reduce carbon emissions, but it would also create jobs and help the globe in general by reducing the oil used across the world. I feel like that would extremely good for the world and I truly want to see this happen extremely soon. The reason for this is because from what I see in the news every other day is oil issues, oil spills, increase in carbon emissions, the list goes on. My point is EV is the new technology that will knock gas powered down to the ground when the bus and truck companies make the flip.

The reasoning for these companies to “flip” is mainly because it’ll reduce cost due to not having to pay for so much gas/diesel in the trucks. The only downside as of right now for this growth to occur, is a lot of companies take transitions extremely long to occur due to tests conductions. So I hope to see the companies see how good EV can be, if not just for the huge cost reduction, but as well as for the better of the environment. I feel like Tesla would truly help this problem as well if they could provide the necessary industry to these truck companies to produce EV trucks for them. I really think this is a really good idea for the economy. I hope soon in the future, we will not need to worry about too much of vehicle carbon emissions due to complete transfer to electrical vehicles. There is much promise however because EV is taking over the more average type of vehicles. According to cleantechnica, “As of January 2012, just 4 electric car models were sold in the US. Today, that number has risen to 30, and is rising fast.” So, these care companies are seeing the demand and are quickly enough changing to accommodate that demand, which will hopefully be seen by these big truck and delivery corporation which will be an all around good change and shift in vehicle production.


One thought on “Electric Vehicles

  1. Hey, when reading your blog post I could not help but to wonder why haven everyone made the transition to electric vehicles. I love cars and motorcycles and talk to like minded people about them and they all say similar things that they don’t like that it does not feel powerful. I explained to them that in some cases they are even more powerful than a lot of cars on the road right know and they still say they cant rev the engine like a gas vehicle. I think it would be a great service to the EV to just have a horn that made the hole car vibrate when rev to get people on board with this technology.


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