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When I first read the title, I didn’t really think that motor-vehicle accidents had an impact on organ storage. As terrible as it may seem, but donors who have been part of a fatal car accident, are a source for organs. It is no secret that some people have spent a large amount of time in donor list, waiting for their organ to be provided. For some people who have been fortunate enough to have cross a donor, they know that from death, life was given to them. Originally, I want to comment about an article named Self-Driving Cars Will Make Organ Shortages Even Worse. Although a brief article, it gives a lot to think about how the two subject are link. Towards the end of the article, I must conclude that even though much of what the article states, is something to be concerned about. I don’t think that the author didn’t not research his material in depth. It is true that autonomous vehicles are on the streets today, it has been yet to be implemented across the US. Some state might be concerned about some of issues that self-driving cars themselves can’t avoid. To refer to the author about shortage of organs, which happen to be the main idea, there are alternative solution to the problem. Just like autonomous vehicles, there are programs that are providing 3D printed organs. Although not all the organs are not capable of being produced now, there are still many other organs that could be generated. Some organs will take time to create and apply to a patient. In the meantime, professionals could be trying to perfect their methods of creating a functional organ, it could parallel the time in that self-driving cars could be completely be automated. With this article, I could identify a source that would give me some pointers to my research paper. Which happens to be about autonomous vehicles.

Although autonomous driving vehicle are the future for safer roads, there are still many issues that need to be accounted for. It was estimated by the National Transportation Safety Board, over several thousands of live could be save with the use of autonomous vehicles. But seeing how much of the technology is not progressing as fast as one would want, there is still much to be done. At this point, self-driving cars that are out in the streets right now, are not completely autonomous. Because much of the information is still new, people are nervous of leaving a self-driving car, out on their own. So, the law has decided the that there should be a responsible driver behind the wheel.  Even though much of the technology has made considerable progress the last couple of year, the human component shouldn’t not be completely removed. At this stage in their development, the cars can drive themselves without interference. But what happens if the system get shutdown, then what? As described in a C-SPAN about self-driving cars, people thinking that by removing the human factor, that self-driving cars would be safe. But it the human factor adapting to the autonomous vehicle that would have a greater chance of avoiding disasters.


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  1. Hello I hope this blog post reply find you well, I have read at great lengths your blog post and people should be organ donors its a important way to save someone’s life with little to no effort on our part. A big drawback that people have is that they wont be able to have a open casket although its not true you actually can. We definitely live in interesting times, great post.


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