Solar Beats Coal

There’s a huge discussion surrounding solar versus coal energy. Frankly, it’s an expired one to say the least. No matter your position it is scientifically proven that solar can and should one of the dominant energy sources since it is an almost unlimited resources as of now compared to coal. Let alone the profounding fact, according to AP of, that solar simply has a better future which benefits much more values compared to coal, that is clinging on to any type of support left. The plunging costs of solar power, even without the help of government funded aid, is not only is enticing to electric companies, it’s beneficial to the environment that we are so badly infecting with our reckless and uncaring acts.

The decline in prices to buy solar panels and technology opens up the market to a lot of people willing to buy them to put on their roofs which will heavily reduce electrical bills and save so much money for them. This is one of the driving causes in which will propel the solar industry into (hopefully) the spotlight and driving energy sources in America, and hopefully across the globe.

The interesting thing I think about this whole solar versus coal topic is that most people do agree and advocate for solar compared to coal. The people who don’t are the ones who either have stock and benefit from the coal plants or they’re the ones who work(ed) for these plants that are now getting shut down across America. This is why I find it extremely sad when the president of America supports these coal companies and tries to boost the idea that coal is still the way to go. Its is such backwards progress for America and I simply cannot fathom how a president could do this with all the briefings he should be getting. The good news is that there is simply no way to stop the increase of production and innovative technology in solar and wind energy, even if you’re the president of the United States.

The only bad thing about solar energy that I believe is an issue is that though there are more job opportunities in solar and clean energy, the profits for the workers are not as greater as those coal and other fossil fuel jobs. Now I believe the idea that you have to lose a little money to make it. If the people and companies can somehow work a deal to which can benefit the worker and the companies in someway, this could mitigate the salary problems of solar and clean energy jobs.


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