Future Vehicles .3

Sometimes I wish I could get from point A to point B while sleeping.  Sadly that won’t happen for a couple more years.  But we are getting closer to that day.  Just about everyone wants a car that can drive itself.  Except the ones who want that driving experience.  But like the rest of us who are bored of driving each day to and from school, we want something new.  Some cars who have these small features in their vehicles are Honda, Tesla, and Mercedes-Benz.  Although we can’t look away while the car is driving, the car can still do most of what we would do while driving.  For an example it would read blind spot warnings or motion in the front or rear of the car.  Lots of cars are implementing these new technology but should we rely on them is the question.  My answer is no, and the reason behind it is because this is a very new piece of technology.  Lots of things can go wrong with anything that is new, and to this day, lots of car manufacturers are still testing these new features.  Although cars can do a lot for us now, we as people still need to do our job if all fails.  Because in the end it is our lives that matters and not the cars.  Cars can be replaced but human lives can’t.  I have a friend who has a car with lots of helpful features while he is driving and he always tells me that they are very great features.  But the one thing some cars have is poor visibility with the rear camera.  Not every car has the perfect technology features, but none the less, it is there just in case if we need it.  We should not rely on them but it is what makes our cars now a day very special and modern.

Lately Uber has been doing something different.  They are making Uber cars self-driven.  What they are doing is putting these new devices on the car and around it so it acts like a self-driven vehicle.  In other words, Uber drivers may not have to do anything while the car is going from point A to point B.  May seem like an easy job, but they still need to be prepared if something goes wrong and the car needs to be taken over by the driver.

I sadly don’t have a self-driving car or have a Tesla.  But it is something I would really like.  But there is still some things Tesla doesn’t have and there are still some flaws that I hope they will patch up before I even consider buying one.  Yes, it is nice to have a car that doesn’t run on gas and can drive itself.  But if it is just the high tech features you want, then I think most cars have it.  Blind spot warnings, front camera, and rear camera are some features most standard cars have now a day.


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