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Artificial Intelligence is no doubt changing the world we live in. With constant improvements in technology, we are getting closer to the point where A.I. will be used in every single aspect of our lives. After reading the article, “Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Future of Marketing” by Gil Press, it becomes clear that A.I. will start to dominate the marketing world in 2017. Brian Halligan, co-founder of HubSpot, predicts that in five years, people will be doing a lot less navigating through apps to find a solution but chatting with bots back and forth with the same outcome. This will be wildly more efficient for companies to market and for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Companies are going to save billions in marketing expenses with bots.

The main idea of the article was that A.I. will not replace marketers, but will help them skip the boring redundant aspects of the job. Anything that seems routine or mechanical can be pushed to bots. This will give the marketer ample time to be creative and focus on understanding the customer. After all isn’t that what marketing is really about. A.I. will be behind the scenes as a marketer’s personal assistant doing all the dirty work. This is going to change the game and create an even more fast paced, competitive market.

When does it go too far though? With this growing technology and advancements in the ways we market, is there a point where we no longer have any privacy? Marketing has now become very personal to each and every person that shops online. With AI now making algorithms to market products to you based off other products you’ve bought in the past, it starts to feel a little invasive. For example, I bought a product off Amazon, no big deal, I paid for it, it was shipped to me, and I was happy. A couple days later I log onto my Facebook page and see the product I bought on the front page of my feed. It wasn’t just the product I bought but also other products that would complement the original item. Facebook hooked me in, I bought all those complementary items happily. The reason I bring this up is because I feel as if marketing with A.I. is getting rather invasive with consumer’s privacy. I believe companies should take privacy into account moving forward with this technology.

Overall I do believe that this technology will be very beneficial for both parties, companies and consumers. Marketers can now work solely on the human interaction and make the process as seamless as possible. Blanketing the market with ads and messages isn’t going to work any longer. Companies need to create an avenue that leads the buyers into their web pages with high quality, engaging content. There are plenty of avenues to achieve this now, social media being the biggest avenue of them all.  With the help of A.I. businesses will be able to grow faster and stronger than ever.


2 thoughts on “Marketing Bots

  1. Cammeron,

    I’m looking forward to more of your blogs on this subject. I like how you pointed this aspect of AI as a marker’s personal assistant. I like that it allows markers to get to understand their customer more. One might argue that AI in marketing might cross the line, but from one side, it seems to only assist, and from one side it seems to learn. These are both things that a human can do. I think the real concern should perhaps be the marketing strategy itself and if it is respecting one’s privacy.

    I’m curious to read about the negative aspects of AI in marketing.

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  2. Hello there,

    It’s funny that as I was reading your blog post, right after reading a couple paragraphs I see an ad within the text of your blog marketing something that I have recently been looking to purchase. AI is becoming really invasive and now that is emerging in our everyday life, a concept known as pervasive computing, it is unsettling to think about how much information we are giving to companies by using their products and software. I think it is always better to have technology assist rather than replace a human so it will be interesting to see if the “future of marketing” holds to what you mentioned in your blog.



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