Blog#4 – Perfect Love

Everyone has read, saw, or even heard of love stories. And I am sure that at least once in their life time they have craved and desired a love as beautiful and genuine as those seen on Disney movies. Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Princess and the Frog, etc. have all showed us a perfect love and have at times set our love standards to this. Unfortunately, because of this and maybe other experiences, we believe that love should be perfect. We believe that love should be an undying love that makes your legs wobbly and your insides feel like they are gunna fall off.

For this, many people’s tolerance level has decreased. People now expect more from their partners. They want that “Perfect-love” relationship.  However, real true love has its ups and downs and it is the willingness to fight and stay by someone side not matter the circumstances that makes love, love.

Unfortunately, every 36 seconds someone gets divorces. That is about 2,500 divorces a day. People who misunderstood each other and only loved each other for the good things they had to offer and forgot to love the flaws of one another. These are people who judged each other and saw only the good things they had to offer.

Love is not perfect. Until now.

But where?

Look no further! You can get that perfect love you have always dreamed of having. According to, “Humans marrying robots?”, this is to become a normal relationship by 2050. That is 33 years from today, not a long time, but as we have learned through the years we are a rapidly changing  world, we change in areas where we would otherwise believe we would. We adjust and welcome change.

Don’t worry I am in awe to. I do agree that Robots can be smarter, more durable, and more patient than humans, but for robots to be able to instill passion and love to another human being just seems impossible. Not even impossible, it’s outrageous!

It is so confusing because there is no laws, no mention of anything permitting, or not permitting this, or even acknowledging such thing to happen in the world. I don’t think the world expected this. I don’t think we were even ready for such complication.

But technology will only keep advancing, even if its marrying or loving a non-human being. So, it would be best if the choice is left to the human. It is their choice to be in a relationship where there is no human interaction, but robot interaction. It is their choice to love something not someone. (No offense to anyone loving a machine)

But is is ethically or morally correct to love a robot rather than a human? Thats up for you to decide. Is it harming anyone, if so it probably isn’t ethical. But, as far as I can see a relationship with a robot, it seems harmless for now. Who knows what people will come up with in the future.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, the perfect love is the one with a CPU.



One thought on “Blog#4 – Perfect Love

  1. Very interesting concept. I think ‘lovable’ robots come with a lot of questions and concerns. One of the thoughts I had was would the human always be the one initiating a a relationship? or would the robot have the power to choose someone as their partner? As we move forward I think these questions may become more relevant but for now we can just look forward to the day people are marrying robots.


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