Yowamushi Pedal

The Simple Solution to Traffic

One of the question that we are going to face when we make our research paper, is talking about who benefits from such creation. More than one way, people who drive daily, can benefit from an autonomous vehicle. The overall topic that I wanted to place in the limelight, is traffic and safety. Unlike the most recent report of cars being placed in autopilot, many driver assuming their autopilot feature, gives them a fully autonomous vehicle. But that does not seem to be the case. The technology for a fully autonomous vehicle is still year away, but it doesn’t mean that companies are trying to make it happen sooner than later. But in the mean while people are trying to live their lives by driving behind the wheel. But it’s the driver behind the wheel that causes traffic, which in terms could lead to a fatal accident. In the video, a problem was discussed about how the last person didn’t make the green light. Because the amount of time that the other people tried to leave, it was the amount of time that the green turn yellow, then red. In a scenario in which people would have accelerated at the same time, the last person, might have made it through. But it’s very difficult for different people so synchronize. Especially when there are individuals that don’t really pay attention to the road and are doing something else. I liked how the speaker describe the drivers as monkey with short attention spans. The video was riddle with many instance in which people have, obviously, are the number one cause for high congestion on the roads. But something that I haven’t really thought about when it came to autonomous vehicle, is getting rid of the intersections.


If by some miracle that we ever manage to have a complete autonomous vehicle, it would be the end of traffic as we know it. The video described, how the only reason that we have traffic lights in intersection, is to manage our own awareness of who might be around us. But imagine a world in which cars could communicate with each other in real time and synchronize their actions accordingly. For those instances where people think that something terrible has happened because of the annoying amount of time it took to get through, when it was nothing but a scare.  Because people don’t really get their distance between each other, for example, a person who tail gater’s could cause a traffic snake. For those who aren’t going to see the video, a traffic snake is an instance where brake, but then accelerates. Leaving a chain reaction of people braking beforehand, causing a traffic snake. The self-driven vehicle would adjust accordingly to the other vehicle around itself, having minimal chance of having any type of interference. So in the end, people are the obvious reason why driving is such a hassle, dangers, and at times, lethal.  We should really get those monkeys, off the roads.




One thought on “Yowamushi Pedal

  1. “It’s not the car, its the driver” – Han, “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, it is a quote that I often bring up when discussing race events but I feel it applies to this particular topic aswell. There was a time when driving from Soledad to CSUMB would be a hassle due to the highway repairs and constructions, there I would often experience traffic delays and the occasional tailgating. I began experimenting, with different speeds and less lane changes to see if there would be anything I could do to avoid the traffic. I arrived at the conclusion, that when there was a lane being closed in the road, many drivers would switch lanes to the right in order to, “avoid traffic” and it was indeed much faster than staying in the left lane, but what angered me what that there was multiple signs warning drivers to switch lanes as there was a closing lane ahead yet they would remain on the lane. While being close to the end I observed that the drivers on the left lane would allow multiple drivers on the right to merge into the open lane since they were running out of room. Perhaps with a help of an autnomous car several of these problems may cease but that is years away as you mentioned. We should all attempt to follow the rules as they are stated.
    The image you posted also reminds me of a GIF that simulates a highway in which there is no stops and drivers can seamlessly drive without worrying about an accident occuring, I would like for this type of infastructure to be implemented but I do not know if it would actually have the effects it proposes.


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