AI and Interpersonal Skills in Education

As part of my research into the topic of AI in Education I have been reading many different blogs and articles. One article that brought up several interesting points was 15 Pros and 5 Cons of Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom by Miguel Machado. In this article Miguel goes in depth about changes that will be becoming to education as AI technology becomes more and more prolific. One point Miguel brought up was personalized learning, he mentions that HOW students learn can be just as important as what they learn. AI can help a great deal when it comes to curriculum, the content can be customized to best suit each student’s abilities. Theoretically there will be a time when AI can replace most of what teachers currently do. I began to thinking about the importance of face to face interaction in learning. Down the road it may be more cost effective for schools to use some form of AI to perform teaching duties, and it may be optimal to use learn using a curriculum based on the use of AI. To me it seems reasonable to assume that there may be a time when it is more desirable (mostly for financial reasons) to use AI than people in education. Assuming that this will be the case, it brings up an ethical question, should there be laws that require face to face interaction in public school curriculum?

Interpersonal Skills in EducationPersonally, I think schools should require face to face interaction. I think one of the benefits students get out of schools is learning to communicate and cooperate with others. Person to person social skills are important for personal and business relationships. In the future there may be a time when it is more cost effective to have students learn remotely but I believe that everything we need to learn can’t be learned remotely and we need to learn from and with people to have the best learning experience. There may also be situations when some sort of AI hologram figure is teaching a classroom full of students. I think there would be problems with that as well. I feel like students at high school or middle who are more prone to fool around in class there would be difficulties controlling the class. The only experience I have that is somewhat similar to this, is taking an online course. I took a few school courses online in community college, I feel like my learning experience was never a good as taking a course in person. Although I did well in the classes, I felt disconnected from the content and I didn’t retain the material as well. It might just be my personal learning style but I always felt like there was something missing from the experience.



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