4 – Privacy Paradox

Day 1

It is insane simply how much of our lives are given out publically every single second through software that we use freely not thinking much about it. I am and have been aware of it for quit some time however as of right now, there is not much I could do to stop it (or so I thought). It’s not just what people are posting either, it’s the metadata about what people browse, like, etc.  

Day 2

People do not realize how crazy they are targeted, and how Facebook is able to know things about them through their algorithms based on what they message people, post, share, etc. Facebook can even target people based on their race and ethnicity in which they show ads or don’t show ads based upon this. An example is an anonymous lady who was an alcoholic but somehow Facebook used this information to display ads about liquor to her and it was simply disgusting that companies would do this, there wasn’t ads for therapy or help, just to continue the problem. It is scary that people are willing to give their information up so easily to have no privacy for nothing in return except negativity and losing money.

Day 3

Now this goes in a little deeper into the detailed ways how big companies target people through ads based on user’s words, sentence lengths, etc. It is scary how focused software is on everyone that even gets in contact with it. It is simply mad, that people are not scared how not private their lives are to companies, people, the government. How else are some intimate moments, moments that you simply don’t want everyone to know about, kept private, if Facebook or Target starts targeting you with ads about something that you meant to keep secret but they somehow receive data concerning this private event.

Day 4 & 5

When people know others are watching them and can control what they ‘look’ like, then people start only showing people what they want to look like that simply is not them. This is an extremely bad idea because then you can’t tell who is being real and themselves and it just starts becoming a game of ‘who are you really?’ Not only this, but people start spending more time working on this fictional idea of who they want to be and it stops them further from becoming that kind of person.


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