5 – Technology Hides You

This has been a slow realization for me, but i believe it is hugely important and not talked about enough. I am talking about how people make themselves into someone that they aren’t online. I am not talking about internet trolls, or people falsifying as someone else, but people on social media pretending to be someone who they simply aren’t in the real world. For example, only showing a certain side to their life. We are, as an audience only getting a side of you that we don’t even know is the truth. The posts may not pertain to how you actually are in real life, for example, posting about motivation or healthy eating habits, yet the person who is the postee, is unhealthy and lazy yet say they are the opposite. And the worst part is, is that people simply can not take critiquing these days and just assume that others are judging, to a certain exact, they are because you’re basically putting out lies on the internet for others to see. A interesting little app that furthers this false identity is bitmoji. Its more of an extension for people to make their own little avatar of themselves in which they can use it to send unique messages through messaging apps. Some people use this to create a false image of themselves that simply isn’t them however they believe that is what they see and these types of technology, in the short term help the person feels good about themselves, however damages the persons actual body in the long run. Now this is just a specific type of incident in which someone is pretending to be someone that they simply aren’t, however, the main bulk of it, which isn’t necessarily intentional, but is people only posting the good stuff in their life on social media. And who would blame them? Of course I am going to post the pictures of me going camping in the summer  with my friends! of course I am not going to post the thoughts of my depression because of a rough life! So social media isn’t all that social, its more one sided for most that don’t want to show all aspects of life, because life is NEVER always positive and people need to realize that. That social media isn’t real life. It is just a window into only the good parts of peoples lives, for the most part. So it isn’t necessary to get sad when you see people doing fun things all the time on Facebook on Instagram, because I can almost guarantee that their life has the same amount of ups and downs as you.


One thought on “5 – Technology Hides You

  1. Hello Gabriel,

    I agree with the fact that people in social media hide who they really are. We are used to seeing a world online and believing it is real, but people aren’t who they claim to be. Social media only highlight the life of a person and omits all the boring stuff. I liked that you said “life is NEVER always positive” because I completely agree with that.


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