3. The Robot Harvest: Part 1

Joann Muller describes how the AgTech industry is picking up the pace and making more and more advances. She mentions the presence of high-tech automation increasing in the farm, more specifically, robotic tractors that plow fields on their own. It’s called the LettuceBot. It is later described that the LettuceBot is a robot that makes plant-by-plant decisions to increase yield and apply pesticides by taking data-gathered through cameras and sensors-and making predictions from it. With all these new automated bots, I have to question how safe and accurate they are.

The question of safety and accuracy doesn’t seem to be much of a concern right now, but it is something the farmers claim to look into later. Right now, the LettuceBot seems to do its intended job;however, the farmers haven’t confirmed that it is accurate. There is no form of validity for this machine.

I don’t believe that it is ethical for the farmers to be using this machine if it has not proven its accuracy or how safe it is. From the consumer side, who’s to say that machine is picking bad crops. From the corporate side, who’s to say that it is yielding the most profit.

Before choosing to use these new machinery in the Agriculture industry, they need to ensure its productivity and safety.

* Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2015/07/09/forbes-agtech-summit-smarter-tractors-robots-make-farming-more-efficient/#2196ac19c40f


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