With every invention, there are always good and bad repercussions that come with those advancements. It is no doubt that autonomous vehicle, will affect the work force. Per the failing LA Times, it is an estimated five million jobs that will be lost, due to autonomous vehicles. Most of the layoffs would start according, when the potential deadline of 2021, when autonomous cars are released into the wild. It’s funny and not surprising, to see that many of the positive outcomes, shine upon the companies that are creating all these new technologies. For example, if Uber and Lift successfully implement the autonomous vehicles, it is stated that the companies would keep up to 100% of the profit. But something that people don’t realize, is that those self-driving vehicles still need to be services. One of the things that I originally thought about when referring to this example, are gas station. It brings back the idea of having tenants, filling them up and checking the fluid levels and such. But it doesn’t seem that this idea, isn’t going to supplement the six-hundred thousand jobs that a certain group of workers that don’t really have a degree. Which could be a difficult time to adjust into a different work area.

One of the more entertaining thought, but still a serious comment, comes from an Uber driver, “We’re done for,” said John Billington, an Uber driver in Los Angeles. “They just want to get rid of us. What are all these Uber drivers going to do?”. I think that Billington exaggerating the idea of progress in technology. This brings me back to the coal miners in the east coast. Even now, the progress of technology is replacing their jobs, although the main source of job loss for coal miners is natural gases.

Sometime it might be difficult for millennia to understand the difficulties that older generations that depended on blue color work, to adjust to progress of technology. But I do agree that the government should be helping people “cushion the blow”. Just like concept of financial aid, to help push new generation of people toward the workforce. There should be programs to help people adjust to progress.

One of the crazy idea, but possible, is that if people become very dependent on the autonomous vehicle, that they end up not purchasing vehicle. With the loss of vehicle being own, dealerships with influence their sells. With many of the vehicle being continuously on the road, because the vehicle will start going to the next rider, it would mean less parking that is needed. There are many structures in cities that are dedicated completely to the preserving parking spaces. Which would mean the loss of revenue in that aspect. But something that I really have hard time grasping the idea of, is the time that people are dedicating while not driving. It has been notice that increasingly, people are bringing their work home with them. Which has effected many people relationships. When people mention about having more free time in their commute, it is always targeted to benefit work aspect of their lives.


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