Facebook building everyone’s identity .5

To start off, I don’t really use Facebook now.  I use to use it a lot but now that other social media out there are more usable, I tend to think Facebook is getting old.  It doesn’t mean I don’t like Facebook, but I think it is time to move on.  Some people still use Facebook and so far I have not deleted my account.  Ever wonder how Facebook sends us friend notifications when we don’t really know that person?  Well the easy way they do that is tracking.  If you talk to that person one time, you might get a Facebook notification saying you might know this person.  There is a lot of things Facebook is hiding that users don’t know.  Things like what we look up online or what we like.  In other words, Facebook is taking data from third parties to target a user.  I am not a big fan of this, mainly because of privacy issues.  I definitely don’t like to be stalked and I know many Facebook users don’t either.  Facebook used a number of categories to sort out these data.  Facebook now has a better picture of who you are and what your interests are while not being on Facebook.  It may sound creepy at first but if you really wanted to see, you could see what kind of person you are by looking at the data they used.

Data brokers are the reasons why Facebook is able to get these information.  Users can ask the data brokers to identify who we are.  Although I am not a big fan of this, I know that privacy is a hard area to stand by.  Sometimes we as users don’t want to show our true side on the internet.  When I use the internet, I try to not be logged into anything that I find suspicious to use me as a way of tracking.  For me, I am sure Facebook has a lot of information about me that I don’t even know about.  I am not really worried mainly because I don’t use Facebook, but if they started to release it to the public then I would start to worry as privacy would be a big concern.  And I know others would feel the same.  I am not trying to hide anything, but the internet is something we don’t want to be tracked or be used as data analysis.

Facebook finds all our interests through what we look up online and with this type of technology, it doesn’t seem necessary.  It’s a creative and useful piece of technology but is it moral and necessary right now; I don’t think it is something we all want to hear.  The basic information that Facebook asks from their users is good enough and it doesn’t mean Facebook should go out and track people’s moves.  To this day, not many people put out their exact birthday or where they actually live.  All this information can be accessible to anyone who has a Facebook account.  Situations like this could go bad if it happened to be leaked to the public.


One thought on “Facebook building everyone’s identity .5

  1. Hello Darren,
    I also do not use Facebook as much as I used to, I mainly use it to read the news. I tend to only read news from selected companies only so that I do not read fake news. I also use it to communicate with my family that is not in the US, that way I can stay connected with them. I hope to be more cautious when surfing the web and when using Facebook so that I’m not being profiled even more.


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