Drones Friend or Foe Blog number 6

Drones is a particular example were technology can be used to invade peoples privacy. Drones are relatively small and hard to see from a distance. They are controlled remotely and can be outfitted with a camera to send pictures and videos to the owner. This gives the user a certain amount of autonomy and exposing the general public to certain privacy issues. Drones were originally developed for military use and over the years its evolved to public use. Law enforcement has seen its potential and would like to utilize drone technology to facilitate their investigations. Having drones patrolling the streets would invade our privacy and the data collected would need to be safeguarded. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would need to regulate the air traffic that will be produced by the drones in the air. Drones are now cost effective and anyone can guy one and use it to get any canid of information from the community. Criminal can utilize drones to engage in legal activity from blue collar crimes to more serious and dangerous crimes. An argument that can be made is why we are letting machines fight battles instead of people. A ground team from a remote control station controls the drone either by a line-of-sight radio connection or threw a via satellite link. These technology is great and indispensable in fighting wars, now a great issue arises when they implement these technologies on our homeland. The drone application would be utilized for Law Enforcement agencies to protect its citizens from criminal misconduct. . The need for safeguards in the government agencies to protect the privacy rights of the population is a must. The data collected that is not relevant to any police investigation needs to be destroyed. By destroying the data, it would minimize the opportunity for the misuse of the video and audio collected by the drone out on patrol. The main issue that arises when government agency’s keep the data for a longer period of time is that it leaves the community vulnerable to the loss of privacy. The agencies stand on this issue is that if you are not doing anything illegal then you have nothing to worry about. The problem is that with the Freedom of Information Act anyone can just request the data and have access to the departments database of drone activity. This is actually a popular resource that the paparazzi use to gather information on celebrity’s so they can sell the information to the media. If safeguards are not in place for drone data, then we can be the victims of a privacy breach. Advertising agencies can utilize these techniques for gathering information on citizens and use these data to gain profits. Since drones are so inexpensive and cost effective, they can just send out drones to invade our privacy. We need to be always on the look out for new technology and what impact it will have on our civil liverties. Its my opinion, that drones are great tools and have the potential to be great has a cost effective way to gather information although it also has the same potential to do harm. I believe the FFA should get involved and regulate the drones so we can all enjoy this new technology and still have some accountability for its users.


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