blog 7 – Cortana hologram, now AI

Cortana, an advanced AI hologram created in the Halo universe, the game that saved the original Xbox from utter failure, was a revolutionary in the idea of how an AI can be created as and of course, is science fiction as on now.

However, over the years, especially as of recently, microsoft has gotten into the industry of AI creation for public users, and have since used cortana as their ‘personality’ for the users since it gave a more human characteristic to the AI and that it helps the users get a sense that the AI is more helpful and useful due to the somewhat genuine feeling that it is a ‘normal’ person. More specifically, Cortana, the now AI for windows 10 and some microsoft windows phones, has a feature called ‘chitchat’ that allows it to have more human interactions with the users, and not just straight robotic commands, though the main purpose of Cortana as of now is to be a  personal assistant on the device.

Not only does Cortana try to seem more human like through small talk, the developers also try and make it so she has ‘short’ and ‘long’ term memory in which produces a more rich type of dialogue between the AI and Cortana, and that’s just neat.

Cortana is still most definitely a work in progress by Microsoft’s standards, however the current end-goal for them would be to have a fully functioning complete AI in which the intelligences of it almost mocks that of an actual human that can fully assistant the human in everyday life and work. The thought of this is very provoking on many levels of human thought, mainly on the more ethical and moral side of things. The ‘idea’ that this type of AI would help and be more of a solution to human’s everyday problems raises more questions than answers. If an AI has the neural capacity that of an actual human, how exactly would that look like? would it always be ready and willing to help the owner of the device that has the AI installed on?


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