The Master Algorithm

Imagine living in a world where Artificial Intelligence knows more about you then you know about yourself. This world is getting increasingly closer and closer to reality. Even today marketing experts are using A.I to gather information about people so they can market to the right demographic. This is where the ethical issues come into play. A.I is getting to the point where marketing teams will know every single detail about your life. Many are scared and anxious about companies knowing this much information but some are optimistic. In the article “The Past, Present and Future of AI in Marketing” by Hal Conick, he shares about a marketing expert that is trying to figure out an algorithm to apply in the marketing world to help companies reach the right people. He goes by the name Doug Dome, and he thinks that the future of marketing is a master algorithm. Dome is so certain that this is the future of marketing that he started a business called Core7. Core7 is a marketing platform that applies A.I to marketing ecosystems with this master algorithm. Dome states that he will license this algorithm to brands and agencies, which in turn would create a hyper-speed version of a fully integrated marketing ecosystem. His company is struggling to get off the ground but if successful will truly change the marketing game forever.

Machine learning is coming and will revolutionize our world. Companies like Amazon are already using machine learning. Amazon has a feature called recommended purchases, this has gotten so good that they now rolling out a new feature that is called “predictive delivery”. Amazon is so confident that they already know what you want before you know you want it, that they will send you the package regardless. This is all possible because of machine learning. What if the consumer doesn’t want the product? Amazon says they will give the product to the consumer for free if that were to happen, which they are confident won’t happen. Is this starting to get to invasive? I’m starting to believe that it is. I feel as if this new technology will have me spending money that I normally wouldn’t have spent otherwise. I do see the benefits in machine learning but this will start to become overbearing.

Another question that is of concern is, what will happen to all the jobs? With A.I taking over with algorithms for companies, is there truly a need to hire anybody for marketing or other jobs? This is a very real question, and is predicted that by 2025, 7 % of U.S jobs will be taken over by AI, machine learning and robots. With that being stated other jobs are going to be created, such as curators, data scientists, and many more. As far as marketing goes most consumers will want to buy from actual human beings. This will cause A.I to be more of a marketing assistant. A.I will be doing all the dirty work and humans will focus their time on the human interactions. I believe that with any job that is taken over by technology, then a new one is created in its place.


5 thoughts on “The Master Algorithm

  1. It’s crazy out here in the world with tech. It’s amazing and mouth opening what we can create with technology. Amazon is one of the emerging technologies that just seems to be exponentially increasing. Marketing AI seems a little bit unreal, but as quickly as technology is moving, it is something I can believe to happen really soon. But like you mentioned, it is a little too much. I believe they can know and figure out what I want, but they do not know what I NEED and as far as I am concerned I tend to buy things that I NEED unless I really do have the money for the things I WANT.

    On regards to the jobs, I see your point and completely agree with you. Many people think that because AI and technology are already taking jobs away that will leave millions of people un employed. Of course that is not the case, while they may take away the hard labor jobs they will also create new ones.

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  2. I share your perspective on jobs being taken from people. If one door closes, another one opens — it’s the way life goes. I don’t think anyone could ever stop AI from taking jobs, I don’t think there’s a strong enough case for it. Regarding the master algorithm, it’s kind of strange that the cloud has so much data on us.


  3. I agree that for every job that an AI will take a new one will open elsewhere. This type of market shift is constantly happening. Think about when any type of new technology was released in the past, books and other document were all written by hand, then came the printing press. Then books were made by type setters, then came the printers. Now books are made by industrial printers, which are still run by humans. No matter what there will always be human involvement, all we are doing is making each job more and more efficient which I think is a plus, it gives us more time to enjoy life.


  4. I feel like I am just reposting the same things being said above but I agree that machines taking jobs from people is a non issue. That machine is going to require a technician and other professionals to keep it running smoothly and those are better paid higher quality jobs that are now up for grabs.


  5. This honestly doesn’t surprise me because we are being tracked constantly by our devices, it’s only a matter of time before they’re able to predict our interests. The marketing part started to worry me because being someone who studies visual communication and could possibly get a job in marketing, it’s an uneasy feeling knowing that you could be replaced by AI. But realistically, a lot of jobs can. I just hope that we find ways to work WITH artificial intelligence rather than it completely taking over.


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