Blog 8 – CIA Exploits

Something I have been reading up very recently has to do with the recent CIA allegations that have almost all have been 100% confirmed without the complete CIA confirmation.

For those that don’t know, the CIA has had a 100% complete to exploit most software/hardware in which they used to their advantage without letting the company’s know about them to update them. This information was recently released by the website Wikileaks with hundreds and hundreds of documents, they received all this information of the “zero” day exploits from a private contractor that worked with the CIA. The CIA also failed to follow the Obama Admin commitment not to hoard “zero” day exploits, vulnerabilities in software that the general IT community, including software producers, are unaware of.

The real ethical issue with this whole catastrophe is how vulnerable people are to hacking. Humans are the most unreliable security ever, period. They are so easy to hack and get information from that having this type of “zero” day exploit kept from the companies, makes it as worse if not worse that a nuclear bomb type of destruction, it’s just these the CIA operatives are more stealth with keeping the destruction under control. An analogy to this dilemma would be if the CIA was hoarding all the penicillin away from sick people and and not giving it to them letting them die and their idea is that the enemy might get their hands on it. It is so bad that most of these exploits will now be available on the dark web most likely next year for people to abuse them as they wish causing destruction across the internet that may irreversible if the exploits are in the hands of the right or wrong people in this case.


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