Dynamic Pricing – March 6-12

This blog post would reflect upon the topic that I found, the lease tidies to for the presentation. The topic that I chose was dynamic pricing. For the most part, I could not find anything else that I thought would be good, in terms of writing the paper that is due by the end of the week. The overall topic was artificial intelligence, under which marketing, the topic I chose to be the least troubling to present; But also the least complicated. Most of the that fell under marketing were overwhelming, in the since that the way that the information that needed to be said, to describe how they work, would be difficult for people to present.

Dynamic pricing happens to be the method that companies that want to keep customers by keeping their prices competitive. Amazon, implements this method and changes their prices over 2.5 million dollars in one day. The way that Amazon makes dynamic pricing work, is by having bot scanning the internet for other company’s prices. From this, changes are made in the company’s website to keep competitive.

As far as describing the way that dynamic pricing works, it’s pretty much straight forward.


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