Lucky Number 7

This blog entry I would like to discuss the concept of Luck and how we are reinforcing this message that is harmful and is ethically bios. I have noticed that people put a lot of emphasis on luck and use this concept has an umbrella excuse to classify every setback. This is not a productive outlook on our life’s because, you can change luck but you can change yourself. This concept took me years to learn and apply to my life and I am better off for it. Looking back on the way I was raised I noticed that a lot of emphasis was put on being lucky. I would see someone that had a great job and when I asked my parents they would say he got lucky by getting that job. When we expose children to this kind of mentality its can be decremented to their development because they will feel that they wont get what they want even if they work hard for it. The lottery is also a great example of this epidemic that is all so common in a lot of homes. The notion of not having to studying or working hard to achieve your dreams of become wealthy’s is a goal that is impossible to many of the people who play the lottery. The reason why its so appealing is that if you live in the know you don’t worry about learning new skills or saving money and spending a couple of dollars seems like nothing to become rich. The problem with this logic is that its only a couple of dollar today and if you spread that out over the year that adds up to be close to thousands spends with no payout. Most people that I talk to about this always mention that they have won small cash prizes from playing and they always say that they spend the money they won on more lottery tickets. In this case, even when they win they still lose, in this kind of environment luck would a commodity that would be sought after due to the low odds of winning. I have found out you need to be able to control the odds and investing in yourself is always a great way of accomplishing this goal. If you invest in yourself and you start to notice that the market is changing you can always adapt and stay current and if you bet on something else, you are at the mercy of the one who is in control of the situation. They will know what the best bet is and how to maximize their profits and you will be left out to take the financial hit. The only way you could make a profit in this situation is that you get Lucky and they inform you of the upcoming change. I think that a great blessing for any child would be to be born unlucky so they can work hard achieve their goals in life. Expecting a positive outcome when little to no work is like expecting to lose weight without going to the GYM.


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