IBM Watson in toys.8

Following from my last Blog, The Dino from Cognitoy uses WiFi to connect to the server. But that is not all. It is not just any server. It uses IBM Watson and Elemental Path’s Friendgine technology. IBM Watson is a computer that is capable of answering any question. So what is Watson; is an IBM supercomputer that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and sophisticated analytical software for optimal performance. IBM Watson was named after the creator Thomas Watson and was originally made to answer questions from Jeopardy. Watson had access to over 200 million pages of content and it was not connected to the internet during the Jeopardy game. Watson was one of the best competitors to other people during the game and have won lots of games. According to IBM, “more than 100 different techniques are used to analyze natural language, identify sources, find and generate hypotheses, find and score evidence, and merge and rank hypotheses”. Now Watson is able to connect to the internet and is used as a smart server. Although with everything else, there are some flaws to Watson. Watson did have disadvantages during the game Jeopardy. Having Watson as a brain is very important to educational technology because it is able to answer any question. And it is even better when Cognitoys uses it. Cognitoys is able to use IBM Watson and allow it to filter the answers according to the age group the kid is in. The Dino is not relying on pre-programmed responses. IBM Watson adapts to the child over time and gets to know the child a bit more. When a question is asked to the Dino, it sends it to the cloud server where they use Watson to give a response back to the child with a filter according to the age of the child. Just like the children using the toy, the Dino will grow over time as well. Making the Dino a great companion for the child. Not every toy has a smart mind. The Dino is the only one out there that has connection with Watson and having this mind is what AI is all about. No pre-programming built in what so ever. This is AI in a toy form and it is also in the affordable range too. With a price tag of $100, this toy is perfect for children under 10 and it allows children to learn while having fun and having a good friend that can grow along with them. Although not many toys don’t use IBM Watson, I am sure more toys in the future will be trying to copy Cognitoys as this is a brilliant idea and can definitely be of use in the education field.


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