blog 9 – Future of Cortana

The future of Cortana, Microsoft’s AI, is said to be able to run your entire office in the near future to  help you stay busy and productive in your career. But it is not the traditional idea of an AI, it is more of an assistant like Jarvis that will help you through your work and make you a more efficient worker at work and home.

An example of this is if someone is creating a excel worksheet, it will automatically create certain instances that are to of your preferences stated ahead of time or programmed through Cortana and will automatically start up to your liking. This is obviously still a work in progress however it shows much promise in the utilities of Cortana and what ‘she’ is capable of bringing to the table of future AI technology.

However, the ethical side is that in order for Cortana, or any AI for that matter to be able to do things for you more efficiently requires it to get key information on you, i.e. private data that some may not want to share due to the possibility of it falling into the wrong hands. Though, most people would not mind as most of the data will be public information, some may not and the data AIs retrieve is all visual and vocal so the AIs have the capability to record at all times unless changed ( at least in the case of Microsoft’s Cortana). Another thing AIs, or Cortana, will scrape for is data found in emails.

An interesting thing that some users of Cortana has experienced is how human like Cortana can act through her ‘chitchat’ programming and that if some users do not enjoy or feel comfortable with it can choose to disable it and keep it as robotic as possible. This, in which brings up a point of how fast AI is becoming more and more like humans. Cortana is pushing the idea of ,”how will AI be treated when it gets hard to tell if they can ‘think’?” This will be the overall topic of the next post.


One thought on “blog 9 – Future of Cortana

  1. hello gabe,
    a robot that can chitchat and holds your information? i believe an actual person like this already exists and their professional term is called an office assistant. the only difference is that the robot won’t have family pictures at their desk. we don’t need this. do you ever come across a new form of technology and think to yourself, “there are people that don’t have the access to an education”? we don’t need Cortana, no one does.
    -noemi cuin


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