The 8th wonder of the world

I find it wonderful when people come together to work on a common goal and put aside their differences. This is something that is hard wired into people to bond them with each other when under normal circumstances it would not happened. There are many examples of these phenomenon, one example is of soldiers who served with each other. When these solders work together to accomplish boot camp they feel these deep-rooted loyalties towards each other and become best of friends. This has some ethical issues because if you pair bad people with each other they will be a menace to society and this decision should not be taken lightly. It’s the responsibility of people making the groups to place people that will benefit the group and not just one person. It’s important to have a clear and define leadership to accomplish the goal their individuals set out to fulfill.

Another great example is in colleges, students with different personalities and backgrounds are put in this situation where they must do a lot of work in a short period. These students also bond with each other and set out in the work force in a soft spot for all their classmates. The interesting part in an ethical framework is that they will in many occasions make decisions that won’t benefit their employer. This is ethically wrong to overlook a great employee and give a position to someone who is underqualified. This canid of reasoning is way too common today and we should be forever vigilant to not fall for this unique way of thinking. Some would argue that since they work together at school they have a base they can make their decisions from and not just the information provided in a paper why the applicant. This is also a valid way of thinking and does have plenty of merit although I find this to be inefficient. People are hired to performed a task for their employer and if they fail to provide the best quality of work they promised they could deliver upon they are essentially stealing from the company that took a risk by giving them a job.

I always have been against working in groups due to the lack of leadership it provides and I usually end up doing most of the work load. This is frustrating because it takes me a little longer to learn information than other people and usually don’t get most of it before tests. My grades usually are based on the work I do on projects and homework and getting good grades in those usually correlate for me passing my classes. People also can’t seem to hear what I say most of the times, so when I try to communicate the information it usually gets poor outcome. Studies have made correlations with people working in groups can perform more and better than one person can by themselves. I am going to try to work in groups even if I do most of the work because at the end of the year it’s my grade and I also going to have to work with people when I enter the work force in the field I am studying.


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