#10 Value Tractors

While their may be many implications as why autonomous tractors are a bad idea, there is more good to them than bad. Like mentioned previously, technology is advancing and it will only keep advancing through out time. Autonomous vehicles are bound to happen whether it is today, tomorrow, or 10 years later, it will happen.

Autonomous vehicles are great sources for farmers and for the world. According to Trimarchi, “there are 3.2 million farmers farming 2.2 million farms on roughly 915 million acres of land in the United States [sources: EPA – Ag Center, USDA]. Together these farms produce crops for the more than 313 million people living in the U.S. — but they aren’t just feeding America; U.S. farmers ship their commodities worldwide, exporting more than 50 types of agricultural products.“. We can all agree that the world is exponentially increasing. Belton also states, “The World Bank says we’ll need to produce 50% more food by 2050 if the global population continues to rise at its current pace”, so, in order to feed the exponentially growing world we need more food and a faster means of production. This is where autonomous vehicles come in. Autonomous vehicles can work twenty-four hours a day through out the whole week, thus producing more crops and exporting more foods in less amount of time. Barett agrees, “Working day and night, the tractor could make full use of short periods of favorable weather”. These autonomous vehicles will be able to produce more crop and export more food than ever before, thus bringing more income to the farmer and lowering crop prices to the world. In fact, these autonomous vehicles being developed costs less than maintaining thousands of workers for a whole year or more. Although the autonomous vehicles can be pricey, it is very likely that the farmer will be able to make up for the costs after a year or so.

Furthermore, autonomous vehicles will take over dirty, hard, intensive jobs that only foreigners were willing to do. This means that low income folks are able to pursue a different lifestyle rather than work and endure the hot sun as they work in labor intensive jobs. They can no focus on a career different from these back braking jobs and make their money worth the job.









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