Hide your kids.9

Ever since there was internet, hacking has become something occurring very often. Even when we least expect it, someone or something is watching us and is doing something behind our computer screen. There are different ways of hacking and they don’t all necessarily have to be computer related. There can be cell phone hacking, tablet hacking, and so much more. But the hacking I am looking for is in toys. Yes, you would think there would be less to no hacking in the toys industry but there is. And the toys in more specific is the AI toys. Any object that can connect through WiFi or has some sort of technology to it can be hacked. Not many articles out there talk about the hacking of children toys these days, but it can happen. One of the reason that toys get hacked is not because of the toy, but what the toy holds. Most AI toys collect data from the children they interact with and data is very valuable. Once a child feels comfortable with the AI toy, the child may reveal some valuable information to the toy not knowing that the information is being stored and can land in the wrong hands if hacked and evaluated. This hacking problem could turn into a privacy issue later.

Although it doesn’t seem like a problem now, in the future when AI toys become very popular and is being used everywhere, this can start to become big and get out of hand. Some toy companies have started to take these issues into caution so that they can try to prevent as much as possible before it is too late. Children can be an easy target, so that is one of the reason why these companies need to patch any unwanted entries before some private information is leaked out to the public. A company called Spiral Toys was found to have exposed 800,000 user account credentials online. And on top of that, they also have exposed 2 million voice message recordings. Some toys do ask for permission before collecting data. So one thing that parents should read before activating the toy is reading the privacy policies.


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