Black Mirror Episode XX

Today I am going to talk about some topics that touch into fantasy, for now. Ever since we talked about the Black Mirror, which happened to be a Twilight fantasy about how unorthodox some of the technology could get, almost like playing with fire. If you aren’t careful, you will get burn. One of the episodes that comes to mind, is about the cyber afterlife. Where people would move on from a physical state and continue their live in this enormous database.  A database that would let them live for as long as they wished. The episode started off with the elderly being able to access this technology and letting them have the decision if they would want to continue or not. But the funny thing about the program, was the place in time that they were forced into. I think it was place around when disco was a hit.

The question that is being placed here, is if people should have the ability to live beyond the physical life. Thinking about other forms of media that depicted what time of life would be, if it was eternal, was nothing but hell. People would rather die themselves, because the worst thing that could happen to people is lose someone they care about. Living that feeling over and over can really null the soul. Making what seemed to be blessing, into a curse. At some point, would you say that if this technology was available, what would someone stop one from joining the cyber afterlife before their time. If a person where to do something that would result in their death, would it be simple to just join cyber afterlife, to live that king of “life”.   People in the afterlife, would be able to do thing that dangerous and be unharmed. Another point, was about having someone live a life that would did not contribute to society, knowing that they end up in the same place. Being able to live their life however they want, whenever they want.

Not going to lie, when I first saw this episode, it made me think about an episode of Futurama. People who practically had one foot out the door, were being guided into the afterlife. Where the elders body would stay connected to this mass interface that would keep their minds alive. If you have not seen the episode of Black Mirror, the difference between these two, would be the way that the minds are transferred. In Black Mirror, the physical state was complete finished and their mind transferred. For Futurama, the body was connected to this mass interface being able to continue living in the physical world if they wanted too.


One thought on “Black Mirror Episode XX

  1. hello alan,
    i saw this episode and it was very cool because if we got the chance to live our prime years during any decade we wanted, then boy oh boy sign me up. of course the tech behind this is controversial because it’s making people almost live forever and embrace a sense of immortality. but then another way of looking at is that besides electrical energy, this “way of life” doesn’t take any resources from the world. so let’s get on this train as soon as we can.

    -noemi cuin


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