More than Meets the Appearance.10

Looking at these AI toys, it doesn’t seem harmless. The toys look friendly and also look like they want to be friends with your child. That is where you may fall into the trap. It is not what is outside that is frightening, it is what is inside the toy’s memory that can be terrifying. Well not that terrifying, but somewhat along the line. Wonder how these toys can remember your name, birthday, and your favorite food? Well everything you tell it is stored somewhere in the toy’s mind. All this data is stored and is able to be processed and sorted out so it can use those answers to reply whenever it becomes relevant. A lot of these toys don’t have much security so a lot of the information can be leaked out. This blog is a bit similar to the last one. If this issue becomes big, whose fault would it be? I don’t want to point fingers yet, but I think there is only a couple of options to pick from. Not much hacking have been occurring lately but who knows, mater on this issue can become big when many manufacturers start doing this AI business. We start to move into a technical world where almost everything we do and touch is electronic. And not just electronic, but smart devices that have minds of its own. The real question people ask is, can we trust these gadgets yet? Well we don’t know yet, because we are still in the process to make these toys better.

People don’t expect these toys to get hacked because they were built to be either education related or fun related. But with everything, there is a weak spot. Data is the biggest in this area, because with the amount of data it generates, it can be something people would want to target next. The only people who can be responsible is the company that makes these products. Everything that happens after the purchase means that whatever happens to the toy, would refer back to who made it in the first place. On the internet, there is lots of data. Same thing with the toys that children are starting to play with. Not much information is given in articles online, but the most notable thing is that these toys are not perfect, but there may be weak areas that can release information that you wouldn’t want others to obtain.


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