#11 More Autonomous Tractors

Although autonomous tractors can contribute and do good for our economy, they can also hurt and take away jobs from people. As we all know or have seen, fieldwork and farming is a difficult task that is underpaid and a job that no one wants to do. Fieldwork is a job in which the only people who agree to do it are immigrants, people who do not believe they can be or do something else. For years immigrants have agreed to work for low wages in agriculture and farming that can be both strenuous and deadly. For years these immigrants have came to America in search of a better life. A life which involves earning a small amount of money for hard labor. These jobs are the reason why many people jump borders, risk their lives, and leave their family behind. So, what happens, when we decide that we no longer need these millions of immigrants to do the hard labor? What happens when they can no longer contribute and earn some money for their families? Many people think that it is cruel and inhumane to put millions of people out of their jobs. However, we will put millions of people out of jobs, not because we want to but because we are developing country and while we are developing we will find ways to improve and become a better, efficient, and faster world.

So, while many people will be left unemployed, they can think of it as coming to a better era, where they are able to work in a place that does not jeopardize their health in return for a low wage. To only think of the negative, then we are not thinking at all.

Another problem that arises when talking about autonomous vehicles is the questions of whether they are safe or not. Many times farmers and people who have worked in the fields have unfortunately died due to deadly contact with tractors and field machines. As mentioned previously, these autonomous tractors will have the capacity to work twenty-four hours, so how do we ensure that while an autonomous tractor is working, they do not face any trouble or harm any people or livestock? Well, fortunately, autonomous tractors will be able to work independently but will still be monitored by someone. This means that when a tractor is faced with a situation it will halt and send a message to the person monitoring it. Until the person monitoring decides what to do, the tractor will not move.





One thought on “#11 More Autonomous Tractors

  1. Hey Karina,
    Enjoyed reading what you had to say in your post. Not sure what jobs are going to be left for humans. They keep trying to figure out how to get computers to do our jobs for us. Driverless tractors make it that much easier for corporate or govt farms to take over. We’ll see what happens…


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