blog 11 – Is Net Neutrality in Danger?

There was a recent article I was reading discussing a recent repeal that may go into affect in which it repeals the Net Neutrality laws and policies that were created during the Obama administration. These laws and policies essentially represented the idea that ISPs and other companies could not allow for “fast lanes” for the bigger websites which would throttle the smaller, less known or marketable sites in which would create a very bad hierarchy within the internet.

Now, my opinion is that this simply cannot happen, regardless if it made the more widely used sites faster for the average person, this would simply destroy the founding idea of the internet, which was to give access equally among everyone, a place with no barriers to access any website. Now, some sites you have to pay for their specific services, but one can still access the site nonetheless which the founding rule still stands.

The blatant hypocrisy Pai, the FCC chairman, conveys is insane. He thinks by repealing and managing the traffic of sites and throttling the less visited types of sites will make the internet “better” is insane. What he proposes would cripple the start up sites, the smaller sites, the mom and pop shop sites and this is simply wrong in every which way. People need to be free to visit any site they wish without having to wait to visit a site, or even pay to get the faster sites they want to visit.



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