Keeping up with the laws (11)

If you’ve ever been an interview, chances are that your interviewer never asked you about your religion, political views, or sexual orientation. If they did, they might be able to get sued. Why? because it’s illegal to ask these questions.

In an article that I read called ‘Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology,’ it made a great point about the aforementioned scenario. In contrast to the scenario, we have also heard that employers have made hiring decisions based on Facebook posts, content, and friend affiliation. This perfectly highlights the amount of work the law needs to do to catch up with advances in technology. The quest for catch up seems to enlarge as the days go on.

An area that has grown when we talk about ethics is the area of privacy laws. Since there are a lot of technologies that pick up on data about us: search queries, fit bits, social media, google maps, etc., the issue of privacy needs to be made clear.

The results of technology functionality gone wrong are bringing a large discussion. Laws need to be established that consider these scenarios. When a self-driving car goes in the wrong direction and results in a crash, for example, or a case where people’s pictures are taken without their consent by various devices. There are a lot of edge cases to consider for each technology that needs to be considered to be able to draw the best line.


One thought on “Keeping up with the laws (11)

  1. It is a challenge to keep laws up to speed with the many advancements that we are having in technology. This becomes an issue when negative outcomes occur due to the usage of certain technologies. How are we to go about saying what’s legally wrong or right when there is no law in place? This is challenge that I think would be interesting if technology should try to solve it (as paradoxy and catch 22ey as it seems.)


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