Don’t forget to remember how to remember People (blog 9)

This past week in class, we discussed a sensitive subject that I had never even though about, the content and the ethical responsibility of social media in the case of a death. Social media is a great tool when it comes to staying in touch with friends and family due to the ability to reach millions of people. When someone makes a social profile on most cites they have clear terms of use with indicates that the content posted on the cite know belongs to them and it’s up to their discretion when it comes to what to do with the data.

The subject of death is a serious one that can not be taken lightly and just by informing people of the matter is something that’s not easy to deal with. People most often will join social media cites to get information from people they know and a death is something they would like to know and its unethical for a social media cite to take that upon themselves. A major problem is that it’s a morbid subject and it would be difficult for a cite to ask their users what their wishes would be in the case of a death. When someone passes, they have no idea the strain and heartache they cause on friends and love ones, so having them decide on an event that’s not for them is unrealistic. I had family members wanting to cheer up people and have their funeral be a party and it was just right down disrespectful.

Funerals are not for the dead they are for the living to grieve and say goodbye to the person they lost and a social media cite is not that different. Our teacher brought up an example for in class discussion and mentioned that Facebook policy was to turn their page into a “remember them” page to honor them and remember their life’s they lived. This is a great policy because people would like remember them and feel down when thinking of their death and making a trip to their grave would be difficult if they were buried out of state or if they were buried at all. In certain situations, the deaths could be under extremely sensitive circumstances and having social media divulge that information would be ethically wrong and not to mention the pain the family would receive from people. It’s also great that big companies are hiring ethics professors to help them make these though decisions and help them deal with these controversial topics.

I hope that social media companies keep doing the right thing and help these communities by not adding more problems to an already grieving family. At the end of the day it’s not just computers, its people communication with each other and making those bonds stronger is something we all strive for and berry little of use achieve.


One thought on “Don’t forget to remember how to remember People (blog 9)

  1. Interesting read, I liked how you brought up the fact that social media companies aren’t directly involving themselves in these situations. I also liked how you brought up the idea that funerals are for the living to say their goodbyes and not for the dead. However, if companies saw this as an opportunity to profit, do you think the companies would try and do so?


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