Learning from a Robot.11

For the past years, infants have been learning and growing up with parents and toys that don’t speak to them. What would happen if a robot is teaching your child? Would you trust the robot when it teaches your child? What people should really focus is on how they teach these children. The materials these robots teach will influence the child in either a good or bad way. One of the things that may be eliminated if kids interact with talking robots, is a loss of imagination. As children grow up, kids start to have a wide imagination with their plastic toys. But as a robot is replacing the plastic toys, they start to follow and interact with another talking object. The information the child learns may help grow the child overtime but if the robot isn’t working correctly, it could do more harm than good for the child. According to one of the New York Times article, it was stated that infants are molded when they are young and are able to pick up things faster than when they grow in their teen years. So the infant years are the most critical as they are able to pickup habits and language from people around them or in this case from a robot that can communicate to a child. We are still in the early stages where robots may not be teaching children just yet, but kids now have access to AI toys that can communicate back to the child. Children who feel more attached to the toy may start to feel a connection towards it and may even start to learn valuable information from the toy. But what is happening right now is that children are not always being influenced by the robots, they are still partially being influenced by their parents as these AI toys aren’t very common everywhere just yet. But in the near future, we can start to expect children with AI toys and making close connections.


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