It’s not Fun to be Funny (blog 10)

Something that has gotten a lot of controversy is people being offended by jokes that comedian make on stage. The layout of a comedy show is a stage were a comedian would entertain an audience by jokes threw a setup and a punchline. This was just a way to entertain people and was not taken seriously because people wanted to be entertained and hear jokes they could relate to. In the times of kings, they had a court gesture that would entertain the king and its guest in important functions. He was considered a fool and was the only person in the court that would make fun to the king and the king would laugh. This would humanize the king by pointing out his flaws in a fun way and by him laughing at the joke. The thing that I don’t understand is if in medieval times people in power would recognize the benefits of comedy, why is it that when people today hear a joke they get offended and put a lot of time and effort into punishing the comedian. This line of thinking seam irrational due to the status of the comedians has entertainers and should not be taken seriously.

I do understand that people can insight riots with just their speech and we should always be on the lookout for extremist that corrupt the youth with their hateful propaganda. What I don’t understand is why are we treating every stage has a political stage where people can push their own agenda. Comedy stages are a place to go when you need a break from all of that and bringing it on to the comedy stages seems like a place where all of that is not applicable due to the outrages subject matter. The first joke should negate all the political agenda due to how people process information that is presented to them. When the outreaches material is presented it should poison the well for all other political agendas because we need clear and precise plan to implement and not jokes or funny anecdotes.

It’s a major factor is that politics also don’t give clear answers so we must search for the answer to our question and people know just analyze every one’s speech in search for answers. The problem is that not everyone has hidden meaning in their speeches and comedy shows don’t have calls to action it’s just entertainment. A lot of comedy clubs have taken to social media and explained that they are getting countless encounters with patrons that feel they were insulted and demand a refund. They must place disclaimers and notices that they won’t refund their money after they watch there shows. Comedy was a form of expression where you find comedy in our everyday life and not having to filter yourself. I also believe that people are seeing these comics working all the time and making money so they want a reason to find a problem with them.


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