“Nobody has to Use the Internet” – 12

So this new article that just came out really has me heated surrounding the discussion of Net Neutrality and the internet’s life as of right now. This article brings up a quote that a republican, Jim Sensenbrenner, said during a town hall meeting he was hosting, “Facebook is not comparable to an ISP. I do not have to go on Facebook, I have one choice. I don’t have to go on Google. My ISP provider is different than those providers. Nobody’s got to use the Internet.” Now, this infuriates me because I simply can’t fathom the logical of this so called, elected ‘Representative’ simply because he is not representing the people who actually elected him, instead representing the lobbyist of these huge ISP corporation that are only in it for the money and not the benefit of the public. It is truly sad when voters can’t simply see through this thin, fake, lie of a wall that these wealthy corporations put up. This is simple logic, don’t elect this people that are simply in it for the money and not the people, if we want a better life for all of Americans, then we need to do something about these rich politicians that aren’t for the betterment of the people, plain and simple. Now, the internet was created for everybody, free of charge of visiting any website without throttle of any specified sites. This repeal of Net Neutrality is simply disgusting to think that people would be ok with this happening. And for this guy to say “you need to use the internet…”, is simply absurd. The internet is essentially a utility at this point in society, lets see how he lives without his smartphone, computer, emails, etc. for a year. We, as a society need internet to continue to grow and prosper as a society and country. It is infinitely useful in our everyday lives and is usually required at most peoples’ jobs. So i simply cannot understand how an unqualified ‘representative’ can be elected make this types of decisions and comments about something that he is obviously oblivious and unfamiliar with.


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