#12 ME. ROBOT.

Imagine sitting on a bus and someone sits next to you. Now imagine this someone turns and smiles. Just then you realize it isn’t a someone but a what. A human like robot who’s intentions up to this point is to become friendly, full or emotion, perfect thing. As time passes robots are becoming an enlarging subject, specifically when we talk about ethical view points, robots are a topic that we have yet to define a fine line of what a robot can or should be able to do.

One of the main topics that come up is what kind of human emotions or abilities the robot can posses in order to be categorized as a robot. In fact, these abilities can determine how powerful and how obedient a robot can be. Which takes us to our next theory that people think about when speaking on the topic of robots, “What if robots take over the world?”. Of course, now that seems impossible and a laughable matter. Something that an 8 year-old boy might believe or something out of a movie. But, as we see in many occasions, robots are not becoming human-like, instead I believe humans are becoming robot-like. Think about it.

When we go to work, school, or just do something, what do we do when we “take a small break”? We check our email, missed calls, messages, social media, . . etc. When we are missing a limb, an eye, a voice, what do we use to replace it? Technology. Our lives revolves around technology and now our lives need technology. Unfortunately, in todays world we can not function without technology. We need it to survive, communicate, and work.

We need technology all . . . the . . . time.

So, when people say that robots that possess human like abilities are a danger to humans, I believe it isn’t so. Robots will not be humans, I believe that humans will become robots. From that point is where we should either worry or study this idea.

But as for now, robots are cool and very constructible technology. It is possible that machines can malfunction and break. Take for example the famous Twitter Bot, who quickly learned from tweeters and became a racist bot. Of course, this doesn’t prove that robots themselves can become something of danger, but proves that robots do and become what they are told or set out to become. So, we can potentially say that if robots possessed all of that we call and consider human qualities plus the qualities that robots posses, controllable, perfect, intelligent technology, I believe we can all smell danger and the possibility of robots becoming something else.


2 thoughts on “#12 ME. ROBOT.

  1. hi karina,
    the idea of robots make no sense to me, at least the idea of replicating humans with robots. it’s like we’re facing over population so we replace real people needing resources with robots? the future is looking too much like a sci-fi film & a poorly written one at that. imagine what a robot graveyard would look like, i’ll tell ya, it’s called a scrap metal yard! let’s stick to the human interaction we have for the time being, that being said, let’s get a smoothie some time, girl!
    -noemi cuin


  2. If you ask me, humans have already starting acting like robots! Most of the time they barely look up from their tablet or phone as they walk down the street, they are so connected to a device other their own brain. Maybe some of the robots of the future will be more interesting to have a conversation with- one can only hope!


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