The digital world. 12

Looking at today’s society, we see children with gadgets everywhere. They play with their mom’s iphone, play with ipads, and even watch TV. These children are very spoiled but that’s okay, because our population is moving towards a techy era. While most of us who were born in a time with no smart phones or tablets, we still have to be grateful that we are now able to afford these things. That aside we are now faced with technology everywhere we go. Is it good for children to play with these gadgets while they are young? Well in this article from the Huffington Post, we get some info on the effects of the children’s development. One of the biggest thing technology has affected is the family itself. Long ago families would play games together as a family but now children are able to play games on their own against computers. It also has dramatically changed the children’s imagination due to the fact that the computer or device is doing most of the work for them. In a way technology is making us humans dumber each time we pick the device up. We rely on the devices too much that it has started to consume us, and now it is starting to change our future generation’s mind. Children’s developing sensory, motor, and attachment systems have biologically not evolved to accommodate this sedentary, yet frenzied and chaotic nature of today’s technology. Child obesity and diabetes are now national epidemics in both Canada and the U.S., causally related to technology overuse. The human development never included technology in the past. Children were able to go out and do what humans were capable of doing and not look at a screen 24/7. As the years go by we are able to see children slowing become mature even longer. This is one of the factors due to the exposure of technologies and not enough getting out in the real world instead of the digital world. Can we expect some more results in the future, yes we can. Most of the children’s these days all have smartphones which is making the children think less and rely heavily on the devices. Humans were never supposed to rely on such devices, so having smartphones and tablets and relying on them is in a way making us humans dumber each time we pick them up. So children in a way are not making much progress while growing up. Not much studies have been shown about this but looking at what is going on in today’s children’s habit, we can predict what will happen later.


One thought on “The digital world. 12

  1. I agree with you Darren, we are letting technology basically run our lives. And this is spilling over into our personal relationships. I do not think we should be letting children at such a young age to be using such technology like iPads, or phones. It builds a reliance on technology.


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