12 Angry Millennial Men

According to recent PBS News fewer and fewer students are making the decision to not go to college. This report is troubling to hear due to my current enrollment to college and their reasons make a lot of scenes. They are not seeing the benefits of going to college for 4 years to learn something that they feel they don’t even need in today’s work force. They don’t feel that making long essays and learning a lot in biology would help their carrier in today’s work force in the digital age. High school students also know are exposed to entertaining concepts that can make them a lot money, like social media or video games. I have found it extremely frustrating going to college and having professors that never taught before and having them attempt to pass information to their students. They usually don’t have the patients for questions and when we don’t understand the answer they usually just repeat it in the same way.

Another issue is the high cost of tuition associated with a college degree. People don’t want to get in debt because of past experiences with credit cards. They learn the hard way that credit card charge for lending you that money and those interests can and will grow in an alarming rate. They know that if they go to college they will have get student loans and will fall back into debt, this is especially frustrating when they just payed off their credit cards. Parents and high school teachers will encourage us to attend college because the education you will be imparted is worth the money you will be in debt over. This is no longer true, with a mass majority of teachers not being up to par with their teaching instruct their students to go on YouTube for lectures over the material they are covering. I find this infuriating because, I spend thousands of dollars over something I could have gotten for free! To make things worse the information is more clear and precise and the professors don’t even study those videos to learn how to make there lecture better for students.

Multiple reports have also stated that the people that do decide to attend college usually just want to check that box in their life’s so they can say they did. They are not concern with learning or even education, all they want is that degree so they only focused on passing test and not learning. This is not a great skill to develop in the work force because they will expect you to implement topics to your work and not just reside facts on the topic. Young adults know have develop skills that most companies would like their employees to possess. They can go in social media and find out the current method of a profession and learn those skills has soon has the company realizes they need them. Going to a job interview and having projects to show with the software that the company just got is a powerful way to make a good impression. Not going to college was a sign of laziness and lack of ambition in past generations and this generation blinding implementing out of date courses and expenses is the new low.


One thought on “12 Angry Millennial Men

  1. Hello Jose,
    Interesting blog. I would say that there are careers worth going to college for but not all career require a college degree maybe a technical/short degree and some job experience is fine. In my case, I would say that I do find going to college beneficial and interesting, not only for my degree but in other areas as well, I at least know a little about each subject. I do understand the point of view of those who do not want to attend college, it is expensive and sometimes is hard finding a job because everything requires experience or having connections.


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