(13) Hypothetical Dilemma

The Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles

The article started off by stating, “”. When you think about it, if the point is that a person is making the life and death decision, the autonomous vehicle should be considered as a collection of people; Versus just thinking of it as a car. Programmer have probably made an iteration on the type of situation that they find themselves in.  Ergo, a person has made the decision.

As I kept on reading the article, the person who wrote it, makes autonomous vehicles seem antiquate. In the first situation that posed by the writer, the driver behind him could have diverted from the situation. Which would have avoided the crash that person described. One I think about the hypothetical situation, I feel that people typically live out the current state in which the software is currently at. If the car is currently running what is currently available, I would comment that the software that is out right now, should not be consider any anyway autonomous. Many of the manufacture have suggested, when using the autonomous feature, that there should always be a license individuals behind the wheel. If the situation were to be placed soon, every person talking about hypothetical question, fell to consider the advancement of technology.

Although I feel that the person who wrote the article may have not been properly informed, this still may be the concerns that many people feel pertinent. But then again, most of the people that argue about autonomous vehicles, don’t seem to found near them. Going down the next line in the article, it states the question if we should trust autonomous vehicles. The refers to our judicial system and how they mind be falling behind in the times. I would point out, it seems to be the case in other situations. In most cases, federal law makers, would just push it off to the states to decide whether the law would be place or not. But laws are being pushed, in the case of technology, because there are many variable. Which would way in, when considering give them a minimum sentence or the death penalty.

There was a funny situation where there was an emergency and the vehicle needed to break the laws to reach the hospital. This would set aside, the idea the individual would have the capability of manually driving the vehicle or someone else driving. The author of the article is emphasizing on the idea the vehicle is 100 percent obedient to the law. Which would sometimes be misrepresentation toward where this technology is going. To the currently vehicles that we have, we could call them autonomous vehicles because they have preprogrammed decision making. But hopefully soon, the technology would have advance to an artificial intelligence level. Considering the statement has placed, I would assume that the programmers, would have already made an iteration for this type of situation.

The article goes on with hypothetical question, that are concerns, even to the developers.


One thought on “(13) Hypothetical Dilemma

  1. Alan, I have never entertained an autonomous emergency vehicle. This seems like a malicious hack or test case gone unnoticed could really cause damage by going in emergency mode on accident.I hope this never becomes a thing.


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