#14 Uber Extra

In the past months or if you’d like in the past year, I am sure most of us if not all of us have heard some type of story regarding Uber, their culture, and their sinking reputation.

All this Uber propaganda started with a woman’s blog which talked about her perspective and description of the culture at Uber. It was not a nice description. Another women followed her steps and made her own blog describing a similar experience full of discrimination and sexual harassment. With this many people questioned the culture in Uber, if it really was a stable, caring, and inclusive culture. However, many people questioned the women who blogged bad about the 50 billion dollar company. A few months later Uber was accused of using some type of algorithm to offer their services in cities that had explicitly denied and forbid Uber from offering their services. Now even more people were questioning Ubers culture and their values. Maybe what these women had experienced, were true after all? However, others would refrain themselves from believing such accusations, so they still held their favorite carpooling application at a high stand.

At this time, Uber was not doing so well in terms of their reputation and values. For a few months, it seemed as all this chaos was drowning and being forgotten. However, recently a new article has been published, yep, you guessed it. It’s about Uber and it is BAD.

I don’t know if you noticed, but I sure did. Uber’s doings have been increasing badly in the situations that is partakes or that they are accused of partaking. So what can be worse that having a bad culture that can be un-inclusive and defaming, or what can be worse than breaking a law and disrespecting and defying a cities request? What has Uber done this time?

A recent article was published that a former employee killed himself. The reason being, according to his family members, was that Ubers work was more than a soul could manage. His family described the young 34 year old man as smart, persistent, and happy before working at Uber. They state that after only a few weeks of working for Uber he slowly began to have panic attacks, high anxiety, insomnia, and difficulty concentrating.

His wife believes that his suicide had to do with harassment and stressed induced by his job and blames Uber for his death. Of course Uber denies any affiliation with his deatha and has stated that the young man always looked happy and never had a problem. Unfortunately, workers compensation is not an option.  His father also commented on Ubers culture and work, “If you put a hard-driving person on unrealistic tasks, it puts them in failure mode,”.

The family has moved on to another state and the trial is still pending.

I am really sorry for the family. I do not believe nor do I believe that the man killed himself because of Ubers fast working culture. Although, I have heard that Uber moves quickly, I believe it must move quickly in order to succeed. Super smart engineers are currently working at the company, hence the awesome products that they are creating. I do believe that these engineers are expected more than they can give since the company is a HUGE startup. Uber needs and wants more as it grows more. The man should have gone for help, but decided to cope with is some other way. If he killed himself just because of work, then it does not make sense. I can’t believe that someone would kill themselves over work? Wouldn’t you just quit. He could have quit and looked for another job, at the end of the day he made it into Uber, he could have worked himself up to another company.


Uber Engineer Suicide


4 thoughts on “#14 Uber Extra

  1. Hi Karina,

    You have an interesting perspective about what the engineer how committed suicide should have done. I believe from reading the article I gathered that some of the rules they had in place at Uber were the reason he couldn’t talk to anyone. He had signed a non-disclosure agreement and so he couldn’t speak to anyone about work. I also believe that he didn’t quit his job because of the expenses his family was facing with the purchase of a new home and he also didn’t want to seem like a failure. I will never really know what went on to drive him to suicide but I think his high-stress job played a part in it.


  2. Uber seems to be getting more bad press with each day. Is this media gone wrong, or are they under the microscope for good reason? I don’t actually have the answer to that, but I will say that they are a huge group of people, and like any large group you will have statistics, good and bad. What you never hear about in the news are good stories that also must exist with Uber and it’s employees. Media rarely likes a positive story, it doesn’t grab the attention they are looking for.


  3. I am really sad to see all of this bad press come Uber’s way. The concept of Uber is great. At a time where unemployment was high, it allowed people to work by driving and it was a great solution to the need to travel when you do not have the ability to. Now it seems like they are just working there engineers to the bone and not compensating their drivers enough. I have since switched to Lyft.


  4. Hello Karina,

    My reply is I do not know. There are many things out there about the tech company’s culture that I do not understand. The media plays a role in finding the negative stories and pointing those out. For example, nobody remembers when Uber helped when the Hurricane Sandy took place. Yes, they raised the fair, but it was to play drivers in order to convince them to drive and it was Uber paying the fair anyways. Or like when Uber had the free bus when bus drivers were protesting. It’s not only Uber though. It happens to soo many companies out there. I still have a lot to learn. I agree with you though that Uber is a fast moving company.


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