When making one AI do we make 13 hearts?

We truly do live in the golden age of television; I am sure these stories will have a strong correlation with current events. The new series on Hulu is no exception to the brilliant and ethical issues that are discussed and presented in a 43min window. The show I am talking about is Dimension 404, the episode that was interesting because it showed an issue that this class has done many presentation on. The episode is called “Bob” and it’s an Artificial Intelligence that the government built to keep us safe. The premise is that a brain has more computing time that a computer so they bioengineer a brain to carry out military intelligence. The conflict is that it can’t find a man that has malicious intent to hurt a mass quantity of people and this bio machine is not broken so they bring in a military phycologist to alleviate this problem. This is the first ethical issue that I found interesting, if a machine is made to mimic a human brain can we use human brain doctors to fix it or heal it. This device was built for national security and it mostly studies people. At what point, should this machine be treated like a machine and how can we treat this machine ethically when it was made to so a certain task. If the machine can no longer perform its primary task are we going to turn off a machine or kill a certain being. Should be also grant it vacation day? The problem is that we have not point of reference and at what point does this machine no longer belong to us. I think people tend to humanize machines all the time and it’s a great way to keep our belongings in great working order. I also am guilty of this behavior like when I ask my cell phone a question and when it answers it I say thank you. We tend to correlate pain to negative acts and it’s an evolutionary trait that has served us to be top of the evolutionary chain. Has the plot thickens in the story the phycologist brings attention to how the machine would process the outcome of the information he collects. The example they use is that his intel is used to perform a drone strike that he must pilot and its apparent that he is not just a cold machine. All the intel he collects has made him identify with us and his making it not want to be the instrument of deadly force. It’s hard for people in the security filed to be decertifies to the violence and have their profession warp there way of thinking and it’s even harder when you are always working. The resolution to this story was when Bob embraced that he is not a military brain but a human hart and took it among itself to bring some salvation to itself by using drones to deliver presents to everyone. This episode has lots of ethical issues that we will need to consider when working in emerging technologies and these kinds of shows will prepare us or at least get people talking about issues that will affect our everyday life’s.


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