Not what it used to be.13

Development is very important as I have stated that in my previous blogs. Everyone develops at a very young age to what they are now. As we humans grow older, we use what we learn from the past years and use it to our present and future. In a recent article from ABC news, it states that children bond with their parents are the most important. For the past decade and so on, we have all learned from our parents instead of from a toy or a robot. We learn the most with another human interaction and that has made us humans very successful in life. Now that there are AI toys, children are starting to have a bond with the toys. Making conversations and making them their new best friend rather than their parents. Well that was a bit of an exaggeration. But if the parents are working most of the days, then yes it would be true. We have always seen those commercials of First Five California stating we should read, sing and so on with our child. Giving them attentions and nurturing them while they are young. It is also a once in a lifetime moment with your child. Once your child grows up, you will miss those infant years. Looking at how new children are playing with these AI toys, we can predict that they may grow up to be more isolated and less sociable because they were not comfortable talking to another adult or person because they never really had the full experience when they were young. While all this could be false, some of the reasoning could be in fact true to some degree. We see children now with technology in their hand and we see technology advancing so rapidly. We could only imagine what we will have next. Although we shouldn’t rely on technology, the world says otherwise these days. Everyone is trapped within the technology world that it is hard to step back from your phone for even a couple of minutes. Instead of face to face communication, we do texting. The world isn’t what it used to be, and that is alright because the world is changing. The people who don’t use technology are the true winners because they know technology is a trap and not many people out there have this, unless you live in a third world country. It is interesting to see what technology has instore for the children coming up and the early stages of development may be a lot different than today in the future.


3 thoughts on “Not what it used to be.13

  1. Darren,
    I agree. The bond between a parent and child is important. Using technology as a babysitter isn’t something new. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s heard stories about parents just sticking their child in front of the tv. I think something that could solve this issue is yes technology can be given to the child, but it shouldn’t be used to raise the child. Moderation is needed and raising a child is solely the parent’s responsibility. If parents were to pay closer attention to their kids, perhaps we could have future adults who would help make society better.


  2. I never thought about this aspect of having tech toys. I suppose that healthy limits should be placed on one’s usage of tech. It’s ultimately up to the parents to monitor and enforce these rules. I also wouldn’t go as far to say it’s a trap, though. If someone has an issue then they are the problem, not the technology.


  3. I mentioned this on another blog comment, but I think a positive impact of this type of technology use is the identification of developmental issues such as autism and add. Of course, as you say, human interaction is very important for children, so a healthy amount of use would be needed.


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