15 – Basic Human Rights

Todays discussion will be different in which it will not necessarily pertain to technology, but a basic human right that, in the eyes of the government, doesnt seem so. I am talking about healthcare (insurance). It has to be put in parenthesis because america does have healthcare for it’s citizens, however accessing it properly requires a plethora of paperwork and time and money from its citizens.

This is becoming a huge issue because the government is trying to take what little helps it gives its  “important” backbone of its citizens away and leave the people in the cold 3rd world country it is converting to. One of the horrible things that is proposed to pass in law for healthcare policies is that if you have almost any preexisting conditions, including HAVING BEEN RAPED BEFORE, you WILL be denied coverage.

Lets think about this for a second, the policy makers are ok with leaving victims of a helpless situation in the cold without getting the help they REQUIRE because they were a victim of a despicable crime. What kind of country can do this for its people, and why are we as a civilized country letting people run our country like this? This is the land of the free and home of the brave but no one is standing up to these money hungry, selfish, power ridden savages. This is a country for the people, BY the people, but there are nothing but animals in power ‘leading’ us at the moment. Not only is preexisting conditions a huge issue  with this idea, but childcare prices will rise by an estimated 400%, and that is with zero complications (which is rare). Prices of everything in healthcare is rising while pay isn’t and its just making the gap of the extremely rich and poor even bigger.

What is funny is that the very same politicians that promised they would protect preexisting conditions on their website, officially purged it from their websites rendering the promise broken. Only the very sick (figuratively) kind of people could do such a thing, it is very inhumane of them.

The other thing is this only affects the poor and ‘middle’ class of people in america, the rich are covered and the politicians are exempt from these newly written policies.

You know it is bad when they write something, yet they don’t have to follow it through with themselves.


One thought on “15 – Basic Human Rights

  1. Hi Gabe,

    I am shocked that previous victims of rape will be denied health insurance. It’s already a despicable crime and it’s even more so despicable that victims will be denied health insurance. I agree with you 100% on that. I can’t believe that it’s even been proposed as a law for health insurance policies.

    When will everyone finally agree that it’s never the victims fault in the case of rape or sexual assault.


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