#16 – Lastly me.

It’s the end of the semester and honestly I do not feel like taking the time to look for an article, reading it, elaborating, summarizing it, and giving you my opinion on it. Instead, my last blog post will consist of an experience I have had. Don’t worry it still has to do with technology and ethical implications.

So as usual, on Monday’s I wake up and do the whole morning routine; kick my blanket off my legs, stretch, and tell myself that waking up this early will be over soon.

So, I headed out the door and prepared myself to drive for an hour to school. At the moment in time, I did not realize how rare I am. No I am not egocentric, I just didn’t know how rare woman were in computer science till that day. I am a woman and I am studying computer science, therefore I am rare ;).

Anyway, I got to school safe, if you were wondering, and headed to my eight a.m morning class. As I was walking up the stairs I could hear two boys having a conversation and I am not one to eavesdrop, but I did hear two words women and computer science. So I halted. I stopped in between going up and going down, so the corner of the stairs hid me well from their sight. I didn’t want to be seen as the girl who froze in the stairway, so I acted like I was tying my shoe.

I know, I know, your probably wondering what they said. I mean this whole article is based on what they said, so yeah this part is pretty important. Here it is. Besides talking about the usual things teenagers talk about and making fun of things that aren’t really good to make fun of they commented that computer science is not the place for women. They said that such career should be only for men.

Yup, there is still people who think that way. So, now I ask you all, what is a girl job and what is a boy job? If you can answer that question for me, and give me a great reasonable answer that makes sense I will give you $100. Seriously.

For me there is no such thing. I believe that gender has nothing to do with how well you are at your job or your passion. In fact, it has been proven, my professors always say it, and I always see it posted on the walls, “if you work hard and practice on something you like to do, you will be able to learn it and master it”.

Also, as the years go by, we woman have proven ourselves worthy, not like we needed to, but we did! We have become founders of great tech companies, leaders of HUGE tech companies, we have became developers and engineers. Computer Science is for everyone, technology does not have a gender, so why should the people creating it?

So, why do people still think this way? The best answer I got for you all is because they are still living in the flinstone area, or like my mother likes to say “la era de la picapiedra”.

Some advice, don’t hang out with those people. They are crazy.




15 thoughts on “#16 – Lastly me.

  1. I really enjoyed how even though those guys may have discouraged you for a second, you didn’t let it affect you overall. I have also experienced similar situations as a woman in tech and I use it as motivation to work harder. As you said, their minds must still be in the flinstone era, and karma will catch up with them. But yes, we have definitely proven our worth over the years and will only continue to advance in the workplace.


  2. Wow, I’m shocked that you would hear that here on campus given that we have multiple clubs and groups promoting that computer science is for everyone. But I guess I shouldn’t find it hard to believe that regardless of the culture here at CSUMB, some people will still not support everything CSUMB and its student body generally stands for.

    Part of me is sorry that you had to hear that, but the other part of me is glad you did. I too have dealt with a similar situation. I was at a party at some other school and started a conversation with another attendee. We started to talk about our majors and when I said I was studying Computer Science, the other student was shocked. When I pressed further as to why he was shocked, he answered, “Well, you don’t look like a Computer Scientist. You’re cute and a girl.” First of all, as if what I look like has anything to do with what I study. Second, so what if I’m a girl! Enough with putting a gender on fields of work and the industry.

    Let that conversation fuel your endeavors in the CS industry and your studies. You belong in CS.


  3. Wow, this is infuriating! I cant believe that men still see the world this way. I mean, Im assuming that the guys in your story were around my age (early 20’s) so there is no reason for our generation to feel this way. Before entering this program at CSUMB I was at the engineering program at SJSU and there was little to no woman there as well. I was maybe the only girl in a class of 200 men. I understand that growing up we arent told, as women, that it is okay to be in the tech field but I will be damned to be told that now. Women have come so far in this field and in society in general that I cannot understand why this antiquated idea of gender roles still exist. This was a great post, probably my favorite all semester so thank you!


  4. The echoes of this mindset exist everywhere, unfortunately, even on campus – and though you were strong enough to not let it faze you for more than a moment, other women are not so lucky. Even in the most basic programming classes at this school – such as 238, Intro to Data Structures, which I’m in now – there is a huge dearth of women. I think that there are may be three or four women in that whole class – and that’s saddening.
    The most important thing you can do, though, is exactly what you’ve done in this blog entry. Talk about it. Get angry. Let that prejudice against you drive you to work harder to prove all of the sexism and the naysaying wrong. It’s only by breaking down barriers and confronting that state of mind can we hope to change things.


  5. That’s surprising to hear. I wouldn’t think people around here would be thinking computer science is only for men. I don’t know how far women have come or what the struggle is like, but I definitely disagree with the way those guys thought. With the way the culture in the tech industry is changing, one day they will probably end up in a difficult situation because of their perspective.


  6. Hello Karina,

    I am a man studying at CSUMB, and I haven’t heard people speak like that here, but I am sure it is possible. I’m sorry you had to hear that. I’ve actually received your help in many situations and I appreciate it. I think success really depends on the individual’s determination and not wether they are men or women. I think both genders are capable of doing the same jobs, but I think the idea of equality can be difficult to comprehend when applied to gender. I don’t think men, in general, are better than women and vice versa, but I do think they are different. So the problem I see society facing is how to treat two different entities equally because, overall, both entities are human.


  7. Hi Karina,

    It is unfortunate that you had to hear that from a fellow student(s). I agree with you that computer science is not only for a specific gender. It is for everyone who is interested in this career. It seems to me that, in this day and age, views in computer science are still backwards in sexual equality. What concerns me is that some people are still ignorant and have a stereotypical view of this field. I don’t know where this sexist view of male dominance began due to the fact that the first programmer was a female. That being said, these unwanted sexist stereotypical views derived from irrational cases instead of the supported truth. Due to this, computer science was never permanently tagged as an only male career choice. There are too many people in this field harboring and implementing this irrational view. If we have more people thinking more rational views on gender equality, then perhaps the view of computer science can finally improve.


  8. Karina,
    Ugh, that’s annoying that you had to hear something like that. You would think that in the modern society that we live in jobs people wouldn’t separate jobs by gender. I’m curious what those boys think a girl job is. As women, we can do things just as well as men. How well someone does a job shouldn’t be based on whether they are male or female but it should be based on skill.


  9. As a guy I feel like I have to apologies, I know it is not my place and that me apologizing for their stupidity does not help anyone but still I am sorry. More than sorry I actually feel angry that this would be a conversation being held here on campus.To answer you question though about what is a boy job and what is a girl job, there are no such things in my opinion. Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.


  10. Hello Karina,

    I think that is one of the main reason of why women do not go into tech fields. Also some get discourage because they are one of the few girls in their classes. It is important to not get discourage and keep striving in this career, like you said there are many women that are doing great in tech fields.


  11. 31
    I have a sister that is moving up the ladder and getting close to college. I would hate for her to go through things like that. But that is the reality, people aren’t as progressive as other. About over half are, according to the 2016 election. But even then, people have their own opinion. For you question about women and men jobs. It depends on the individuals that you ask. If you ask the president, he would probably tell you that they belong at home, cooking and cleaning.


  12. Seriously you heard that? I really can’t believe it coming from CSUMB boy? Well it’s sad males still think like that! I really think that class should be give to males before they start the major about female rights!


  13. I am really sorry that you had to go through this Karina. I don’t understand why people feel that a engineer is supposed to look like some preconceived person. It is all about the mind and I am glad that you are confident enough to let those people not discourage you. I think you are a great engineer.

    Thanks for sharing your story.


  14. Hey Karina,
    I just got done reading your blog and thought you made a good point. It’s unfortunate that people still see the world in that way especially in 2017. No job is separated by sex, any gender can do any job. I hope that in 10 years from now that this type of situation will be avoided. There is no job a man can do that woman cannot. Great read!


  15. Hello Karina,

    And guess how many engineers are Hispanics. I’ll give you an idea, less than 1% at Uber :). I understand that women are at a low percentage and so are Hispanics. There are times where even I take a time to look around and notice that they are all different than me. I’ll tell you what though. I do not know of a single job that can only be called a girl or boy job. Driving semis, for example, is usually associated with men, but I can tell you that I know women that can drive those machine way better than most men. Do not let the idea of the low percentage of females scare you. Let’s go out there and be the difference we want to see in this field.


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