13. AgTech Saves Earth

So how is AgTech going to save the Earth?

After having considered all the challenges—change in demand, climate change, increasing costs, and decreasing reliability—some might be doubtful. I think it’s too early to start doubting, there are so many more opportunities flourishing along with AgTech. One thing we have to look forward to as stated in the article below, “We can repurpose the technologies we’ve been developing to solve other problems and put them to work for agriculture.”

Technology is the answer now and will continue to be. There’s no where to go from here but up. The necessary hardware is becoming more inexpensive as it evolves and advances. In addition to the hardware, “cloud computing and machine learning allow us to use this massive amount of data to make smarter real-time decisions that improve yield and reduce costs.” There is a lot of software and hardware being developed and created as a result of AgTech and as a result, we are going to see a lot more jobs in areas of agriculture and engineering.

Since AgTech is still very new, there is so much room for creativity and chances are, we are going to be seeing so many new things that have never been done before. It’s a time for firsts again in the field and it’s amazing. The agriculture industry will be moving forward and able to help farmers improve on their management and crop yield as a result of precision agriculture.

Not only will we be seeing improvements in AgTech, we will also see changes in computational biology as we start to explore biofabricated meats and leathers.

AgTech is changing the world and the opportunities are endless!



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