10. AgTech vs Changing Demand

In addition to supply challenges, the demand changing and increasing. As stated in the article below, “The organics market grew 11.3 percent in 2014 and is only anticipated to continue to grow.” This goes to show that the demand is not only increasing, but also changing. The debate over GMOs and non-organic food has changed the demand in non-organic food and organic food.


In addition to the change in demand and consumer preferences, there is also shift in regulatory requirements that as a result will force us to:

  • Develop new food options without increasing the burden on the production system
  • Find alternatives to weed, disease and pest control that use fewer chemicals 
  • Provide economical ways to ensure food safety and traceability throughout the production chain

Some technologies such as computational biology, tissue engineering and automation are already playing a role in changing the current demand trends. For example, one company is using a tissue-engineering technique called “biofabrication” to create animal replacements, primarily for leather. The next step is to start making biofabricated meats.

With that being said, you can see and understand that there is definitely a change in demand in food production. In this case, the demand for animal agriculture might start to decrease. However, there will be a higher demand in other areas of agriculture as these technological advancements keep taking place.



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